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  1. J

    45,000 lb drag winch needed

    I'll keep in touch with you. I should be heading that way late January or early February. possibly pick it up in person. what are you asking for it and what is included with it? shaft, chain and hook anchor etc. Thanks for responding. Joe
  2. J

    FL hmmwv 4 man and 2 man CAMO top sets

    1) 2x used kits of camouflage 4 man canvas tops including 4 doors, left and right rails, 2 bows, 1 C pillar, 1 rear curtain and the top ( tops and curtains are in great shape with no rips or tears-underside insulation and straps are great) missing door strikers, door stop straps, rear hinges...
  3. J

    45,000 lb drag winch needed

    i tried bill in altoona NY and his number is disconnected. I found him on a local site and same thing, wonder whats going on.
  4. J

    45,000 lb drag winch needed

    thanks, ill call him tomorrow
  5. J

    Looking for 5 M1009 wheels.

    a buddy of mine had a set I laid eyes on a month ago. he probably still has them bobby 863-280-9541. he is a professional salesman and BS artist for fair warning, they put some 1009 axels under a 1008...weird but true
  6. J

    Troop Seat Clamps for M1008?

    sure thing, keep trucking
  7. J

    Looking for m35 quarter turn fasteners

    try ebay or a boat/marine supply place. they are called smart fasteners. i have boxes of them...there are two types, a double fastener for corners and such and a single fastener for single layer tie downs. you want the shallower single
  8. J

    Looking for 5 M1009 wheels.

    still looking for wheels?
  9. J

    Wanted m35a2 seat covers

    you can get a couple of yards of 483 cordora canvas off ebay and have an upholstery shop make a set. this is the same material the duffel bags are made off and lasts longer with better color match to the 383 green trucks and other equipment...just a thought
  10. J

    2man - rear doors - metal

    I might have a set. let me know if youre still looking
  11. J

    X Strap for M998 soft Doors

    Beltfed on ebay
  12. J

    WTB fuel tank

    if you cant find the originals check out classic airboats in florida or any airboat shop for that matter. they build their own aluminum tanks custom at about $350 for a typical 30 gallon rectangle type
  13. J

    HMMWV soft door limiters

    beltfed on ebay. search hmmwv parts
  14. J

    ISO: Front bumper - M1009 (North Texas)

    If you're still looking LMC has a custom deluxe non chrome bumper. cut out the tie downs and you'd be golden. If you need a rear bumper, my buddy has several NOS units in Dover DE
  15. J

    Troop Seat Clamps for M1008?

    I have a set, let me know if your still looking. I went with the hmmwv troop seats with cut down bows and a M101 camo cover to match the paint job. I also have a NOS OD green M1008 cargo cover, if your looking
  16. J

    M105 and m101 cover

    just got a M101 camo cover off Ebay for $325 shipping included. came out of California , the only ones with the rubber rope style tie downs. I have a brand new custom built from GMA 105 cover in 3 color camo, I paid $500 8 years ago but it was different and (at the time ) worth it to me...if...
  17. J

    CUCV Antenna Assembly-Radio Rack

    Ebay has some NOS antenna brackets for sale, coming out of California. I picket up some for $65 ea I think
  18. J

    HMMWV cargo bow support support rods

    I found some, if your good for shipping. hit me back
  19. J

    WTB: 4 man Camo...+ C Pillar + bows and rails

    Hi, I have a complete 4 man canvas set in camo but its missing the door strikers, door stop straps, nuts and bolts. I paid $1000 for it and would like to get my money back. Fastenel is pretty reasonable for shipping, if you're willing to foot the bill. probably around $250.
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