UT 20mm XM254 Linked Dummy Cartridges, 1970's Vintage


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These 20mm XM254 dummy cartridges are of heavy plastic exterior construction with a steel head and steel internal filling to exactly duplicate the weight of live cartridges. These contain no fuse, primer, or any form of charge and are 100% inert. The XM254 dummy cartridges were used in crew training to reduce wear on component and firing mechanisms; used with the following 20mm guns: M39, M61, M139, M168, M195 and XM197.

Note: Due to age and storage, the plastic cartridge steel bases are corroded and the hulls are stained, dinged, scratched or may even have their tips chipped. The belt links are almost uniformly covered in surface rust.

$6.25 per cartridge+belt link, save 10% when you buy 5-9, save 20% when you buy 10-19, save 30% when you buy 20+
(shipping extra)
Price per each cartridge+belt link. Sold in continuous, linked strips/belts of however many cartridges ordered.
Located in Kaysville, UT

  • Markings: 20 MM DUMMY, XM 254, POH-7-4-74 (example, exact date may vary slightly).
    • POH = R.L. Pohlman Armament Co., Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA.
    • Due to age and storage, most cartridge markings will likely not be present or very faded/weathered.
  • Dimensions: 6-5/8" (168mm) long x 1-1/8" (28.5mm) diameter at the base.
  • Weight: ~11oz per each cartridge and link.
  • Used with the following 20mm guns: M39, M61, M139, M168, M195 and XM197.
  • See Army Ammunition Data Sheets TM 43-0001-27, pg 14-35
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