Brake down tows.

Hey whats up guys , I do offroad recovery in which I charge people to get unstuck , but I'm offering something different for FREE
I have an m35a2 ...I want to get peoples contact info in case of breakdowns. I have a heavy duty tow kit complete with chains , airlines, Foot adapters for humvee, deuces , 5 ton , Oshkosh etc. I live here in highdesert of California. If you'd like my info I would sure like yours, we really do need eachothers help , because wreckers are to expensive. AGAIN IM OFFERING THIS SERVICE FOR FREE for military vehicles, im not soliciting my company,

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This is great. At one point long ago, we had a members map and folks would post up what type of equipment they had and what they could offer. Often times members post up their long trips with MVs so folks along the route can make themselves available. Glad to have you step up for the benefit of our community.
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