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I've noticed a few growing trends on this site. Ones that simply aren't needed here. So please read through the following. This applies to ALL members here.

  • Attitude among fellow users. There's simply no need for people to tear each other apart. This site is devoted to ALL facets of MV ownership. This isn't a strict restoration forum, nor is it a modification only forum. If you have a bobbed deuce, you are welcome here. If you have a fully restored wrecker with a complete BII, you're just as welcome here. We are trying to cater to the broad spectrum of the hobby, not just a single niche. Just like civilian vehicles, they come in all shapes and sizes to appeal to everyone's tastes. Simply put "if you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all". Now, if someone has something unsafe, that's a different matter. But to pick apart someone's Deuce simply because it's bobbed, that's not what we want here.
  • Cliques/Belittling of others. It's hard to not have clicks with a group. I know personally I'm a "Georgia Mafia Member". But also these are the same people I meet routinely. But I don't isolate my conversations or exclude members on the site not from Georgia. (Except Gimp, he deserves the isolation. :gimp2:) Just because someone is from another area of the country (or world for that matter) we all share a common interest. One that should surpass and physical distances. And on the other side of the coin, I'm taken back by some of our foreign members that have gone above and beyond to better the hobby from their assistance and donations.
  • "Read the TM's". This is a forum. If the answer is "read the TM" to every question. I might as well shut the forum down and setup the site to only host the TMs. But that's not why we're here. We're here to share information. I like sharing my builds. I like reading other builds. I also ask questions from time to time. Yes, it gets old hearing "do I need a CDL to drive my truck" or "where can I get insurance" threads. But we shouldn't just cram a "default" answer to some of these new hobbyists. Without "new blood" to the hobby, these vehicles will slowly dwindle away. Without a strong hobbyist population, many vendors would also suffer.
  • Issues with users. I've implemented the infraction system here. Most of you have no idea of what it is. (And that's a great thing) There's simply too many members here for any one of us to keep track of a problem user. The infraction system is a punitive system that is based on points. The more times a user gets in trouble, the harsher the punishment the system will deal. However, I feel we need to change how issues are dealt with slightly. There is no need to make a public flogging of problem users. Problems should be dealt with between the staff and the user not in public/locked threads.
  • Rule enforcement. While it's wonderful that some of you have helped inform users that they might be out of compliance. It's the staff's place to handle these issues. That also will lead into my next point. PMs.
  • Private Messaging. This has happened a few times now. I know of cases where members resort to combative PMs between other users. This is not needed. If someone is so in the wrong that it compels you to take them on, please just report the post instead. And on the other side of the coin, if you're being antagonized by a member via PMs, please report them as well.

This site was founded by Chris. He has always envisioned it to be a family friendly site. Fighting amongst ourselves doesn't make for a strong family. If you wish to find a site where you can be combative to others. I suggest looking at pirate4x4, 4chan, or any other number of "zero moderation" sites. That simply is not the direction we're wanting Steel Soldiers to head towards. Lastly, I will be locking this thread. As leaving this thread open likely will spur on debate. The ideals the site owner and myself wish the site to take are not up for debate. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me directly.

Not open for further replies.
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