LMTV out there somewhere?


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I know he is doing what he can.

Well... I opened my mouth and stuck my foot in it.

I want to proclaim to all that @wheelspinner is an upstanding and good and helpful person.
He is one of the folks who works on and buys and sells MV's.
Patrick does good work and he won't sell you a pig in a poke
I would not hesitate to refer him to a friend.

When I made my comment, I was replying about my personal experience with a guy in another state.
Mine was a SF97 problem - but it wasn't anything like yours. I was just too stupid to know that SF97 wasn't the title (Duh!)
MY EXPERIENCE was absolutely miserable - but Wheelspinner had nothing to do with my stupidity.

JUST IN CASE anybody has any concerns about my open endorsement for Patrick or feel that I might be "covering for him" please know that it isn't so. He was one of the first people that I bought a few parts from on my second truck. He and I first met in the parking lot of the Starbucks in Salisbury as this Plandemic was getting started. We swapped the stuff from his truck to mine, talked for a few minutes and many more times since. And by the way, if I make somebody mad because I accuse them of being a crook - it will always be obvious! That absolutely isn't the case here.


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Yea, thats why I didn't throw anyone under the bus. I know Patrick isn't doing anything underhanded. Its just crap that happens. Regardless of the reasons its still frustrating to have plans to use a piece of equipment that you've paid for but all you can do is sit and look at it.
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