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Recently, there was the suggestion posed elsewhere on the site that there should be some sort of a thread for this, so I figured I'd take the initiate it and broach the subject. Here are some of my really good stories, in roughly chronological order.

Rkrug- Met up in Sitka, Alaska. Later went on to be college roommates in Fairbanks, Alaska. Great guy, was willing to rent me a room if he moved off campus before we had even met face to face. Best dorm roommate I had during my time living on-campus. Meeting him got me further into the hobby and I am still dealing with positive implications of meeting him- having had him on Facebook for awhile got me into other Deuce and 5 ton groups, from which I met other people.

SLOrazorsedge- Started corresponding with me over the subject of Atascadero, California, my childhood hometown. Later met up on a visit back to the area. My profile photo was taken by him, as I sat in his M936A1. We talked for over a year afterward. He considered selling me his first MV, an M923 from the Camp Roberts Nat'l Guard! Truck had come from not far from there, then ended up back in the area, small world!

Baradium: We started talking as we were in the same general area (Greater Fairbanks, Alaska metropolitan area, I was attending UAF). Drove probably almost an hour from Salcha, AK to College, AK to pick me up, took me to lunch, talked trucks. Week or so later, picked me up in neighboring North Pole, AK in his M923 he had, and proceeded to drive me out to Badger/Ft. Wainwright and back. Learned 5 tons of info on M939s that day! Later, he offered me the truck! I couldn't swing it at the time, but he talked with me for probably 6 months after, trying his best to help make it happen! Would have been the first vehicle I ever owned.

TB58: Schooled me greatly on the Fairbanks area. Later talked extensively on Facebook. Met up in Fairbanks this past spring, took me to lunch and talked trucks. Became a dear friend of mine since then.

Chism: Talked extensively here and on Facebook. Met up with me in Fairbanks this past fall, took me to dinner and talked trucks.

19Kilo: This was a good one. Started talking on Steel Soldiers via PM, then via text. I was working for a non Steel Soldiers member Deuce and 5 ton owner of 14 trucks who is a dear family friend at the time in Muddy River and Tyee, Alaska, housesitting, doing carpentry, and working on his trucks. Anyway, 19Kilo and I spent 2 hours on the phone one morning as I sat in an M929 dump truck, relating stories and talking trucks. We agreed to meet next time I was in Fairbanks.

The day I flew up, I anecdotally texted from the Anchorage airport that I was flying up that day, I would be in town for a few days before class started. And what did I get, but an offer for a ride from the airport? I took him up on this, and an hour and a half later I found myself being driven from FAI out to UAF, talking trucks. Two days later, I found myself being brought over to his place to see his M923A2. Less than a week later, he offered to rent me a spare bedroom and I have since ended up moving off campus as a result thereof.

Some of these people have greatly touched my life. My life would not be what it is without Steel Soldiers and the M44/M809/M939 series trucks! In fact, to be quite frank, the hobby and its people and the trucks probably saved my life, it got me through a difficult time. Let's hear some of your stories! There's gotta be some good ones out there. The truth is always stranger than fiction...


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I love this idea for a thread! I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting encounters to read

The only member I’ve met whose user name I know is Evil Dr. Porkchop. It was in the context of a vehicle he was selling at a local military vehicle rally.

I work with a gentleman who is a member here and who directed me to this site originally. Though I know him very well in real life, I’m not sure of his user name!

Our Chaplain, USAFSS-ColdWarrior, has extended his kindness and support to me via telephone and email a few times during this past difficult year. For that I’m eternally grateful. He’s a very patient and intelligent soul.
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