Need m108 outriggers moved from Flemingsburg, KY to VT or anywhere northeast

Evil Dr. Porkchop

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Colchester, VT
I have 4 outriggers and a headache ball for an m108 deuce that I need picked up from Flemingsburg, KY (75 miles SE of Cincinnati). Looking to get them moved towards northern VT but interested in any progress made towards the east coast or perhaps to someone that gets to a rally over here. They're at a fellow MV owner's place currently.


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Dang it Porkchop, how did you score these outriggers?[thumbzup]

I have been chasing these for several months. Started out as a whole truck (very rough) for sale on a facebook post for a wrecker company in Louisville. (Gimpy and Stretch were somewhat involved)

The wrecker company owner wanted to sell the truck complete. I asked him to pass my info to the eventual buyer in case it was parted later.

The second owner had it for sale on ebay briefly. He made initial contact with me via text and I expressed my interest in parts but then never heard back.

Congrats. If you happen that you don't need all of them, let me know. I have four feet pads. But only two good threaded hinged posts, ( one missing the female acme thread section and one is rusted stuck.)

I am roughly an hour and a half from Flemingsburg, but the opposite direction of VT unfortunately.

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I guess I missed this one from ROARKY:



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upstate ny
""""I can pick them up anywhere in the Fonda to Albany or Western MA area and get them up to you on my way to my son's place in Essex """"

my last haul of the year to/from fonda-albany was yesterday , I only have one or two hauls between western mass and VT to do as long as the chems don't hit the roads .. after that, things won't be moving until spring , the only reason any of my stuff is still around and sound.. if there's any connection possible between KY and MA at this time , they need to shoot me a msg
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