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So, for me the hmmwv is a fun vehicle. I have a Subaru wagon that acts as my daily driver, but it's really poor for carrying weight. I also have an M35 that I'm converting into a tiny home so that won't be much use anymore for hauling stuff. Cue the humvee. Now, I don't need a pick-up truck very often, just a few times a year really.

I have the 4-man variety and I like the back seat to be out of the weather (this is where my dog rides). My back curtain window is split and something needs to be done.

I have two ideas that I'm thinking about:

1) a clear roll-up door for the back curtain. This would give me a stiffer & better vision (not so much clear as more area), rear back curtain that could roll out of the way, then roll back. It wouldn't be much better at keeping air out, that's not a main concern. I did a custom roll-up hatch for my M35 so it's just a matter of finding the material. I wouldn't roll the material up, but have rails that the door would move onto, under the roof. I would need to square up the sides and top, but just a minimum amount.

I could also forego the rails entirely, make a casing out of aluminum and sandwich a big piece of acrylic (tough and it doesn't yellow with age). This might go better with the other idea I'm kicking around.

2) A split roof. I like the idea of a solid roof, but there may be occasions where I need to carry something that's long enough to extend into the back seat area, and tall enough to remove the roof. In this scenario, I would like to still contain the front 2 seats out of most of the wind. Right now I have a soft top. I would like to keep it simple and use a piece of 1/8"? aluminum over the roof and rolled down to the top of the doors. 1 piece for the front 2 seats, and a second removable piece for the back. Probably use a plate on the B pillar that both pieces bolt to.

On the occasion that I need to carry something so large, I would remove the back part of the roof, remove the C pillar, move up the acrylic screen and use some attachments to cover gaps. No dog on these trips.

I looked back through the topics on this thread and didn't see any about the roof, has someone done this sort of thing?



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Blue Ox (William) makes a 4 man C Pillar Curtain with the center section fitted with zippers, to roll up then tie out of the way for longer loads, pup to pass through etc. Blue Ox Tops | Facebook

Might be a simpler solution to cutting on a fiberglass rollup door.
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