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    Cat 3126B transmission question ⁉️

    Was just googling again and eeeerrrrrr! Hate that I can't find answers. Finding school buses with AT545's. I'm thinking the 3126E models, not B models use the MD3060's. Maybe someone on here has a M1083A1 with a B model Cat, 70 pin ECM. Wondering how the MD3060 would hook up to the 70 pin ECM on...
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    Cat 3126B transmission question ⁉️

    Was looking at the wiring schematic for 7AS prefix, CAT 3126B. It only shows hook ups for a AT,MT and HT Allison trans. This is a 70 pin ECM. Can the newer Allison MD3060 be connected.
  3. 290smallcam

    M813 Or M35A2?

    Is this 6.5 mpg you speak of, is that running the stock 11 inch tires.
  4. 290smallcam

    Will an 8.3 cummins create too much torque for the M35 driveline?

    DT360 is same length as DT466. Think jeepsinker stated it's a little bit big.
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    Cummins 855ci pistons?

    Don't hate on the Kitty's!!
  6. 290smallcam

    Cummins 855ci pistons?

    Called and told them the size of the Pistons and they said size isn't a problem. $50 per piston.
  7. 290smallcam

    Cummins 855ci pistons?

  8. 290smallcam

    Cummins 855ci pistons?

    I know they made 400HP smallcams. Would anyone know what the timing was on those? If it's up in the 60-70's wouldn't the cam fit the NHC 250? If so installing the tri tech 14.1 or 14.5 piston would work???? Of course one would send the Pistons out to EMBEE coatings, to thermally coat the tops...
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    Cummins 855ci pistons?

    Was looking at 14:1 comp. ratio pistons and they were the "newer" Tri Tech pistons for a Big Cam. Looking at my manuals for the NHC 250 and B.C.400, they have the same measurements. Can they be used in any motor? Can a B.C. piston be used in a small cam, and vise versa?
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    So who has bumped the power on a 6CTA cummins

    The older 8.3 has the MW Bosch pump right? Can the p pump off the newer ones bolt right on? Or do you need a kit like the 5.9's.
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    Catastrophic tire failures?

    So avoid these next unless it's a Unicure re mold?
  12. 290smallcam

    Catastrophic tire failures?

    So I started a thread yesterday about running bigger duals on a 5 ton and a member said the 14.00R20 XL's are known for catastrophic random failure. Has any one heard of this? Has anyone ever had any such catastrophic failures with any tire? Goodyear or michelin? The only issue I've ever heard...
  13. 290smallcam

    Largest dual tires for 5 ton?

    Nice find. So only the 14" XL are the only tire known for catastrophic failure? So it seems safer and better to keep running the 16" XZL's...?
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