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General Rules

SteelSoldiers.Com Website Rules and Regulations (subject to change without notification - just like the real world ;-) )

Welcome to SteelSoldiers.Com. We strive to keep this the most comprehensive, current, and cutting-edge military vehicles forum on the web.
Registration for the SteelSoldiers.Com forum is free, but we do insist that you abide by the rules and regulations listed below.

Registration of New Membership:
Please carefully consider the following when requesting membership to SteelSoldiers.Com. By requesting membership, you certify that all information in your application is accurate.

• Username: New members may choose any Username they see fit. We do ask that no profanity or vulgarity is included in the username. Nor should user names contain references to militia/political parties/hate groups. Any Usernames deemed inappropriate will be changed without the consent of the member. Only one username is allowed per person. User names are only changeable due to compelling reasons.

• Location: We require that all members include their state in their new member profile. This allows the other members to know their neighbours. Users who refuse to add their location will be subject to warning, temporary ban, and then permanent ban.

• Email Address: New members must provide a valid email address in order to be registered. We will not sell your email address to any 3rd party.

• Avatar: Members may upload a photo to be used as their avatar or choose one from the avatars provided in the forum. No lewd, vulgar, obscene, graphic or ****ographic images will be tolerated. No avatar may be displayed in such a manner as to insult, accuse, or defame the United States, the military, or any person. If your inappropriate image is deleted by a SteelSoldiers.Com Moderator, then the member will not be able to use an avatar ever again. When in doubt, ask a Mod if it is appropriate.

• Signature: Members may use the signature spot at the bottom of their post to list their name, location, vehicles owned, etc… Members may not use their signature block for the sale of items (Truck for Sale! Or Deuce Hard Tops for Sale!) or advertising of any kind. A link to your SS classified ad in the form of FOR SALE may be posted next to your vehicle description. (Example: 1972 M35A2 w/w FOR SALE) No pricing, description, or terms may be posted. Again, no inappropriate language will be tolerated. No signature may be devised in such a manner as to insult, accuse, or defame the United States, the military, or any person. A SS Mod may edit a member’s signature without warning. If the member violates the policy again, their ability to post a signature will be terminated. Links in member sigs are limited to links to the steel soldiers website or information/non-profit websites.

• VENDORS: All vendors of military trucks, parts, or other paraphernalia must put their business name in their signature block. It would be helpful if you would include your phone number. No advertising of any kind may be done in your signature. You may also link to your website in your signature. There is a vendor section to advertise your items in, it just requires upgrading to the vendor account. This section allows vendors to "bump" ads more frequently than the typical classifieds. However, please provide pricing in your ads. Upgrade your account by clicking on the resources link at the top and upgrade to premium membership. There is another option for vendor status in the upgrade page. In the event a user uses the standard paid membership to consistently list items as a vendor would, the staff may request them to upgrade membership to vendor status.

SteelSoldiers.Com is designed to be a family-friendly and clean website. The forum discussions can be lively and informative without degrading into vulgarity. As a registered SteelSoldiers.Com member, it is your responsibility to make sure that you

• Do not post or link to material that is considered sexually explicit, profane, hateful, lewd, threatening, abusive, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate for a family viewing of the website. (this includes using the F-bomb in your posts)
• Do not post Copyrighted material without permission.
• Do not post material that is intended to bait others to a conflict.
• Do not post material that you know contains a virus or other malicious software.
• Do not post pro or anti-religious (unless in the Chaplain’s Corner) or pro or anti-political material
• Do not post Zombie, bug out, SHTF, EMP, Political, conspiracy or any similar threads.
• Do not post threads to inflict debate over Law Enforcement's access to armored vehicles. (This always leads to needless debate)
• Do not post Repetitive pro or anti-vendor material. Anti-vendor material that is not well-founded (3rd party hearsay) will not be tolerated. Excessive pro-vendor posting (cheer leading) will not be tolerated either.
• Do not post information regarding past, current or upcoming lawsuits or litigation.
• Do not Cross-post multiple posts or threads about the same topic. This includes either creating multiple threads about the same topic in multiple forums or the same thread repeatedly or posting the same post within multiple existing threads.
• Do not post inflammatory information about religion, politics or other sensitive topics
• Do not post material dealing with the sale or use of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. The exception to the rule would be the discussion of rifle mounts or ring-mounts. Firearms discussions is allowed in the designated munitions forum, but be sure to follow all federal, state, and local laws.
• Do not post unfriendly or insulting comments or replies to other members., This can start unpleasant exchanges which no one wants to read in an otherwise valuable topic. If someone has posted a rude comment to/about the user, the user itself is asked to ignore the remark and report the offending post for review and deletion.
• Do not post in all CAPS or in giant run-on sentences without punctuation. Do not post as if texting and do avoid the use of texting abbreviations. We are not the grammar police but we want everyone to easily read your post in at least 8th grade English. It is extra work to post proper sentences from a smartphone but the result will be greatly appreciated. Please do your best to use capitalization, proper spelling and punctuation. It makes it easier for everyone to read! Note: this is a RULE, and is enforceable.

Moderators may delete any post in violation of the above policies with or without notice. As well as any other moderation as warranted.

Revocation of Membership:
No one wants to participate in an anarchic, vulgar, or hateful forum. Members that make the forum a negative place will be dealt with via the infraction system. (Noted below)

Forum Etiquette:
The SteelSoldiers.Com forums are designed to allow members to share stories, questions, photos, how-to articles, mishaps, etc… Unfortunately, some of the information found in the forums may be incorrect or misleading. The Moderators do not have the resources to ensure that every post is factually correct. Please use the advice found in the forums as a starting point for your research. The TM’s will be your best source of how-to advice. Do not trust that Member X will remember every step to rebuilding a deuce transmission. Please keep the following in mind when posting to the forums:
• Keep your posts on-topic. Do not hi-jack peoples threads for your own gain. Start your own thread instead.
• There are lots of forums available at SteelSoldiers.Com. Make sure you post your new thread in the correct spot. Moderators will move posts to the correct forum without notice to the original poster.

Please ONLY post insurance related threads in the insurance forum. You must select a state for your thread. Also please continue on with existing state threads.

Classified Ads:
Do not post commercial advertising. Commercial advertising is a pay-per-ad service. Please email the webmaster if you would like to post a commercial/vendor ad. Please keep all classified ads military vehicle related. Do NOT post more than 10 ads at any one time. Users with more than 10 ads will have their oldest ads deleted. Members who consistently abuse the system by posting more than 10 ads will have the classified ad privileges revoked. You may only advertise items you own (No posting items for other people).

• Classifieds are for MV related items ONLY.
• Classifieds are limited to 10 active listings per user.
• Classifieds shall not be "bumped" more than once per 7 days.
• Classifieds are for the owner of the item only.
• Do not post items For Sale or items Wanted in the forums. That is what the Classified Ads section is for. Posting for sale classifieds requires upgrading to the premium account. (Want ads are free) Previously classifieds required a certain post count to use. We've moved it to a fee based access. The reason for this fee is to weed out some of the spammers/scammers that used the classifieds previously. Membership also grants other things to users, a larger PM box, extra access, custom titles, and more things in the works. The link may be found at the top of the site in the menu bar. Upgrade your account by clicking on the resources link at the top and upgrade to premium membership. Moderators may delete your For Sale or Wanted postings without notice.
• New accounts and replying to WTB ads. New accounts are not able to start conversations with other members without 15 posts or more to the site. If you are a new member and are trying to help another member out here and have something they're looking for, you may start a conversation with me. Please include the details and the other party involved. I will then start a discussion between all three of us. This is due to the scammers that have previously been using the WTB section as a target. ANY new account that immediately replies to WTB ads to draw someone off site via email/phone WILL BE BANNED.
• If you cannot post to the classifieds, please see this thread. http://www.steelsoldiers.com/forum-n...explained.html

It is OK to post an item for sale if it is done in an effort to help another member or if the need for a part comes up during the course of a restoration or repair thread.
Example 1: Member A posts that their Deuce is broken down and they believe it is due to a faulty in-tank pump. Member B may post that he has a used transfer pump for sale for $XX and to PM if interested.
Example 2: Member A has an ongoing thread describing his M817 dump truck restoration. He mentions in that thread that one of his hydraulic lines is leaking and he would like to know who has the best price on them.
Example 3: "Swap Meet" style threads are allowed for parts swapping at a specific Rally/Event. Only one thread allowed per event.

Asking the value of an item is ok in the forums, but we reserve the right to close or pull the thread at any time.

Vendor Participation:
Vendors of military vehicles, parts and other paraphernalia are welcome to participate in the SteelSoldiers.Com forums, but direct solicitation is not allowed. Vendors should be aware of and must follow the following policies:
• There shall be no fighting between vendors in the forums. Vendors should not make derogatory remarks about a competitor’s product. Keep it civil!
• Vendors are not allowed to post pricing information in forum posts. That is considered solicitation.
• The SteelSoldiers.Com classified ads are not designed for commercial use. Vendors who wish to advertise on the website should contact a moderator or admin for pricing information. Commercial ads will not be posted in the classified section.
• Vendor members must post their business name in their signature block in their profile.
• Vendor press releases will be published only after submission to and subsequent approval by the webmaster.
• Vendor Group Buys must be coordinated through and approved by the webmaster.
• Vendors that post in the SteelSoldiers.Com do not represent the website or any of its interests. SteelSoldiers.Com does not warranty any of the products that may be sold or serviced by a participating vendor.
• Transportation companies/brokers must be a supporting vendor level membership or banner advertiser to advertise/solicit in the transportation forums.

Answering questions:
Please do not reply to a question with a 'Read the TM' or 'Did you search?' type reply that lacks in content. If a question is posted that could be answered from the TM's, provide a link to and details (page) where the answer is contained. Alternatively, if there is already a thread documenting the answer, a link to that thread is also acceptable. On mobile devices, it's understandably difficult to respond with a link. Giving specific information such as the TM number in which the info can be found is acceptable. Or some helpful keyword to aid in searching.

Please consider the following regarding linking:
• Do not link to password protected websites that the rest of the membership cannot access.
• Do not link to P0rnographic, obscene, hacking, malware/virus-infested or violent websites.
• SteelSoldiers.Com does not endorse websites, products or services simply because a link is posted within the forum.
• Do not post links that are longer than a page width. Use a link shrinking service such as www.shortlinks.net to keep them trimmed up.
• Do not post links that are known to "go dead" after a short period of time.
• Links found on steel soldiers are placed there by the action of members. We will not edit links on behalf of a third party for search engine optimization.

Private Messages (PM) - CONVERSATIONS:
• The conversation function is not to be used to send spam or solicitations.
• Do not send rude, hateful, or threatening. Violators will lose their conversation function.
• Do not send sensitive information via PM such as finical information.
*Resorting to fighting among members and or staff via PM is a bannable offense.

Threats of violence made towards any member via any means will not be tolerated. This will be grounds for instant ban.

Collusion between members will not be tolerated in the SteelSoldiers.Com forums. The following could be construed as collusion and will be deleted:
• Sharing of bidder ID numbers or names to avoid bidding against another member
• Sharing of auction numbers or lot numbers to avoid bidding on the same item as another member
• Any other arrangement between members that serves to keep auction prices low in favor of the member bidders
First time offenders will be warned. Second time offenders will lose posting privileges for one month. Third time offenders will be banned.

Auction Postings:
Please abide by the following rules concerning the posting of auction information in the forums:
• You may post links to auctions. However, you MUST observe the previous rules about collusion. Any discussion about bidding and the thread will be deleted and infractions given.
• Keep in mind, if it's a active auction and the bids are low, bringing it up to everyone's attention might very well turn that low bid into a high one.

HMMWV Titling Questions.
The newly released HWWMVs are being sold with an "Off Road Use Only" restriction. Any discussion on having your HMMWV titled as "on-road" or how to get the vehicles titled for "on road use" will get you banned from the site. See this thread for more details.

SteelSoldiers.Com Acronyms:
A common abbreviation or acronym used to describe Steel Soldiers is SS. This has nothing to do with the Nazi party. It is strictly an abbreviation. In mixed company, you will want to avoid using this abbreviation to prevent any confusion on the behalf of strangers. Once again, Steel Soldiers or SS makes no representations or affiliations with the Nazi SS. Nor do we allow any militias or hate groups. Use of the term is strictly prohibited. Do not use Nazi in any context.

Sticky Threads:
Stickied threads often contain pertinate information in the specific field the forum focuses on. Sometimes rules (such as classifieds) and section details are stuck. Please make an effort when browsing to review these threads.

This area is for military related conversations. The discussion needs to remain in nature of military related. All off topic discussion should be in the mess hall area if it doesn't pertain to a military related subject.

Technical Manual Library:
These TM’s are available free to the membership. They are not to be downloaded, printed and then sold by any members. Do not upload any manuals that have not been classified for public release. Members who post restricted manuals will be banned and the materials removed. Steel Soldiers will cooperate with authorities in investigations in this matter.

Video Library:
Feel free to post any military related video to the SS video library. Do not post any copyrighted material without express permission from the owner. Do not post videos that would be unsuitable for children or that show any personal injury or destruction of private property. SS will not be held liable for any of the content in member posted videos.

All photographs and printed material on SS.com are protected by US and International Copyright rules. Please do not reproduce any part of the SS website or forums without the approval of the site management. Copyright to posts and other information become the property of the SS website.

The name, Steel Soldiers, is protected by Trademark under authority of the US Patent and Trademark Office. Any use of the mark without prior approval will be subject to legal action.

Steel Soldiers assumes no liability for any damages related to loss of property, property damage, personal injury, death, or other serious consequences related to off-road, convoy, camping, drive-in or other types of congregation of Steel Soldiers membership and/or their vehicles. SS.com assumes no liability for any damages resulting from erroneous information posted by another member on our forums. It is your responsibility to verify any information posted herein before using it to repair, modify, tune-up or hot-rod your military vehicle. The opinions expressed by members in the forums are not the opinions of Steel Soldiers or our advertisers.

Please respect the privacy of others and yourself. Steel Soldiers will never knowingly release any personal or private information about our members. We cannot control what you say or do in the presence of other members. It is up to you to control yourself and prevent the release of sensitive information. Steel Soldiers is a public site and you should never expect information to be kept in confidence if you display it somewhere on the SS site. The whole world has access to SS.com and even if you edit out or delete some sensitive information, chances are that it has already been cached by some search engine and will remain in the public. THINK before you post. We do not have the staff or time to police your posts for you. It is your responsibility. In short, posting other personal information about another person is not allowed without the written consent of the other party.

Site features:
Constant reporting of threads or abusing the thread reporting system may lead to disciplinary actions. Likewise, tampering with site features in order to suppress information or content is not allowed.

In the event that someone wishes to leave the site, they do so upon their own accord. Accounts will remain on the site for historical purposes so that any discussions that have the potential to yield useful information to future visitors will remain intact along with any attachments. The site will not delete, remove, or cancel accounts. If you wish to no longer associate with the site, please refrain from visiting. We also reserve the right to downgrade/remove upgraded membership to a users account.

This site is a privately owned site. The site maintains the right to remove/edit commentary at any time.

$15 membership fees are non-refundable. $100 memberships will be prorated on a monthly basis with 1/12 of the fee refunded for every unused portion if the vendor member is banned from the site.

When a user steps out of bounds, the board has a feature to give what is called an infraction to users. There are two levels of this. A warning and a point bearing infraction. A warning is simply "Please be aware that you shouldn't do that". A courtesy notification if you will. A point bearing infraction is a "ticket". These tickets last for a year total. Repeat offenders will have a compounding effect. The repercussions of an infraction are as follows:

1 point = just a point, but you keep it for a year.
2 points in 365 day period = 1 day ban.
3 points in 365 day period = 1 week ban.
4 points in 365 day period = 1 month ban.
5 points in 365 day period = permanent ban.

Discussion of infractions is between the member and staff. Not public debate. *We reserve the right in extreme cases to bypass these steps and permanent ban a member if warranted.

Closing Points:
• Keep it FUN. SteelSoldiers.Com is meant to be a fun place to hang out and share in your love of military vehicles.
• Keep it CLEAN. Watch your language because lots of families visit this site together.
• Keep it INFORMATIVE. This is a place to share information, not fluff, jokes, emails, dirty pictures, etc… Make a good contribution. Don’t post just for the sake of posting. Be prepared to back up your information with sources because it is in our nature to challenge others.
• Keep it EDUCATIONAL. Post up well thought out how-to articles, tips/tricks, cost saving advice, parts cross-over info, etc…
• Keep it REAL. Be yourself. Don’t assume some internet personality in an attempt to impress or deceive the membership.
• Keep it OPEN-MINDED. Share your ideas and information freely with the membership. Be open to new ideas and changes suggested in the forums.
• Keep it FRIENDLY. Welcome new members with open arms. Don’t chastise them and belittle them just because they are new. All of you were newbies at some point too!
• Keep it GOING. Steel Soldiers relies on advertising and the generosity of our membership to pay the bills and develop new and exciting changes. Please contribute if you are able.

A lot of time and effort went into creating these guidelines. We take them very seriously and we expect you to do the same. If you feel that you cannot abide by them, then do not apply for membership. If you have a suggestion for a policy change or addition, please feel free to email them to us. Please check these rules occasionally as policies are subject to change. It is your responsibility to stay current on the SS site policies. “I didn’t know about the policy,” is not an acceptable excuse. Thanks for taking the time to learn the SS Guidelines and for all of the contributions that you make to the site. Welcome to the Family! For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!
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Classifieds section of Steel Soldiers.

  • Threads (advertisements) to sell or promote or trade items are to be posted in the For-Sale sections, ONLY. Posting these ads requires you to have a Premium Membership account. (Upgrade explained here…)
  • Ads for Items-Wanted belong into the corresponding Wanted-sections of the Classifieds and are free to post for all registered members.
  • All For-Sale and For-Trade threads must have a PRICE or value and location listed in their first post. This means NO “MAKE OFFER”, “PHONE FOR PRICE”, or “PM for PRICE”. Ads without a price will be deleted. Repeat offenders will lose their classifieds privileges.
  • Prices: users are allowed to ask whatever they wish for an item.
  • Ads need to be MV related only.
  • Only sell what you own; if you DO NOT OWN the item, DO NOT SELL the item. No selling for someone else.
  • Bumping, please refrain from bumping your advertisement more than once every seven(7) days; If NOT your ad, DO NOT BUMP. If you start a new post to add info in less than 7 days, it is considered an early bump. If you need to add info in less than 7 days, edit an earlier post.
  • Classifieds are limited to 10 active listings per user.
  • NO duplicate ads; delete the old ad BEFORE posting a new ad, or all ads will be deleted.
  • Posts in the classifieds will expire after 30 days of inactivity. You must bump (reply) to your ad to keep it active once every 30 days, at least.
  • As a AD POSTER, try to subscribe to your threads. This will allow you to manage your listing better.
  • NO WEAPONS in the Classifieds. Gun rings, gun mounts, and vehicle mounting accessories/ammo cans/exc. are ok.
  • New accounts and replying to WTB ads. New accounts are not able to start conversations with other members without 10 posts or more to the site. If you are a new member and are trying to help another member out here and have something they're looking for, you may start a conversation with me. Please include the details and the other party involved. I will then start a discussion between all three of us. This is due to the scammers that have previously been using the WTB section as a target. ANY new account that immediately replies to WTB ads to draw someone off site via email/phone WILL BE BANNED.

*Rules may be updated at any time.

Having problems with posting ads? Have you upgraded your membership? Please see this thread for more details.
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