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    M1008 Flat Towing Axle Removal?

    I just flat towed my dually M1028 home. I had forgot my magnetic lights so I had my son sit in the towed CUCV and touch the brakes when we needed to stop and use the blinker when we needed to turn. I always tie up the driveline(motorcycle strap wrapped around the mufflers, makes a nice bed for...
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    M1008 Won't Start

    From my experience the system works beautifully as long as all of the components are good. I have disconnected the resister thinking the system had a flaw with the cascading effect ruining the glow plugs, but there is a reason glow plugs, burn out in the 1st place. The reason I found that I...
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    That is what I always thought. Probably the front is open too. I can't imagine having the front without the rear. Looks like I will be in the market for one, if not both. Thanks
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    I'm going to have to test mine to see if both wheels will spin. I had both rear wheels up in the air a week or so ago. If I spun one the other side would go in the opposite direction. I thought that meant it was open. Is that inconclusive?
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    The brace in the rear corners prevents the tie down loop from twisting. My truck had make-shift anchors in the corners. I had a Marine Corp M1028 that had make-shift bed rails, that I think were used instead of dunnage. I have seen pictures of shelters in CUCV's without dunnage, and the shelter...
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    That's very interesting. That's how my truck was built. Do you remember if the rear bed corners that are also part of the tie down anchor points were used? My truck didn't have them attached. The holes on top of the bed rails for the brace were never drilled. The anchor points looked like...
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    1988 Air force deuce brake system rebuild

    Update. I contacted Summit about the ship date since it is September. I asked them to check on it. Since it being shipped from the manufacturer (dorman) they said I would get an email telling me when it would ship. I got the email, it said I was getting a refund. Maybe it will be available in...
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    My cucv lift

    Seems like a lift should be in the Hot Rodding and Mods forum, and I probably will get some heat for this, but If your on the fence about whether to lift your truck or not, I would say not to do it. You lose more than you gain. I think it mostly for looks, and they can look good lifted, but...
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    Flickering Gen 1 light

    While this is an old post, the advice is still good, and the last post from Warthog is particularly spot on. I've had quite a few CUCV's and if your light is flickering or you notice at night one of the gen lights has a dull glow, the alternator is on it's last legs. I've thought about why I've...
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    Is the truck in the pictures a dually conversion? All the M1028 were conversions with the square bodies, and I have always heard they were just a more stable platform. While the shelters aren't light to begin with, when they were filled with radios they gained weight and it raised the center of...
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    I put the bed back on, and put a shelter in it. Pictures are in the "shelter carrier hardware" thread. I was wondering why the dually conversion was done with a Dana 70 and not a 14bolt? Is there some advantage to the 70?
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    Shelter carrier hardware

    Thanks Antennaclimber. I took 3 more pictures, but they aren't turning out too good, partly because I painted the inside of the bed flat black. If anyone is putting a shelter in their truck and want specific pictures, I will be happy to take some more. If you follow the diagrams your shelter...
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    Starter bolt woes

    Dependable, the weight and the lower speed benefits make sense to me. With a GR starter needing to run faster because of the reduction, it probably takes just an instant longer to reach full speed, which would give it a slightly softer start and a lower amp draw at the start. It is starting to...
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    Starter bolt woes

    How does it provide the reduced strain? Do you feel it is more efficient? It takes the same amount of energy to spin the motor a certain speed. It seems like adding a gear is going to lose efficiency. I have used both starters and feel the direct drive starter is built more robust. It seems to...
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