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    Injection pump question

    Switch just pulls out
  2. 86humv

    BAE Heater Blower System

    That BAE thing is someones home made system....not diagram of ducts won't work.
  3. 86humv

    Shackles on outside of airlift bumper don´t line up

    There are early loops out there for a M151 jeep....they are thinner.
  4. 86humv

    Speedometer question

    You got the wrong fits : M35, M54, M809, M939, M38, M37 etc. You need a : 12338463, nsn6680-01-195-2146
  5. 86humv

    C- pillar diagram and measurements

    C-pillar for Hard or Soft top ?
  6. 86humv

    Temperature Gauge question

    Black rubber boot unit is for all gages, except gage with light inside...its the latest and takes the sending unit with a grey boot.
  7. 86humv

    Wait light/starting issues

    Box under dash is probably bad....If glow plugs were all bad, and you changed them, but not the Box.....that sound you herd with start light on was probably the glow plugs burning up.
  8. 86humv

    60 amp Generator/ Charging Question

    This is one area that the pumps leak also....plunger circled in red.
  9. 86humv

    Need 12K yoke part number

    Rear only on turbo trucks: 5937525 .........12.1k
  10. 86humv

    Spindle nut

    Those bluehummer kits were once $ 79....What happened ?
  11. 86humv

    Rear suspension spring help?

    You can swap the cast purch in and use a variable spring for a good ride.
  12. 86humv

    Rear suspension spring help?

    TM9-2320-280-24p-1...Fig-192.......The 12338316-2 is a Rear ....M998, M996, M1038, M1035, M1045, M1043, M1044, M1046, M1121. TM9-2320-387-24p.....Fig-151.........The 12338316-2 is a front.....M1113.
  13. 86humv

    Rear suspension spring help?

    12338316-2 are front or rear....On rear, they are stock for M996, 998, 1038, 1025, 1026, 1035, 1045, 1043, 1044, 1046, 1121.
  14. 86humv

    Hmmwv X doors

    You have M11x and M10xx series reversed....also, regular X doors will fit all Hmmwv's, except trucks with the flat armor installed.
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