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    Yo 1st Bn! Try Army Jeep Parts in Pa. I was there a couple of months ago and they had the ammo rack/M79 frame (big part). I purchased the spare tire guard from them, don’t know if they have any more. In your travels, I’m looking for the bracket the front wheel of the M79 locks into. Good...
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    WTB Three parts

    WTB, Building a M151A1C, I have all the parts except three, the magazine box that mounts behind the drivers seat, the bracket that bolts underneath the rear to support the pintle and the locking mount that hold the M79 recoilless mount front wheel. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!
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    military earthmoving equipment owners?

    Surfdog, I have the following manuals for the Clark 290M Lub Order 5-2420-206-12 dated 15 Dec 1983 Change 2 for 5-2420-206-12 dated 2 June 1972 for the Operator & Org. manual (1 Page) Change 3 for 5-2420-206-12 dated 8 July 1974 for Operator & Org. manual (1-2 page) TM 5-2420-206-20P dated...
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    Engine oil pan leak M35A2

    Thanks to all for comments, I feel somewhat foolish, right there in -34. As they say “did you read the manual”! Thanks David56
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    Engine oil pan leak M35A2

    Thanks , thats what I didn’t want to hear. **** firewall is to close to rear lift ring. And no sir I wasn’t messing with you. Be a one man show when removing a Duce engine ain’t no fun.
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    Engine oil pan leak M35A2

    Question: is it possible to pull the engine oil pan without completely pulling the engine? Was thinking of removing front mounts, jack shaft, transmission cover. Your thoughts? Thanks
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    MULe Parts Info

    FYI, I have gotten back into Mules after many years of not having one. The late Bill Watson & Leonard Grove were true gentlemen when it came to customer service on mule’s, good parts and fair prices. As Rexman stated with Bill a phone call and the parts were delivered with an invoice...
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    TOW mule project progress

    Attached pictures are from a friend of mine, we were both Paratroopers in the 82nd Airborne Division during the early 70’s. The 82nd Anti-tank platoons had 106mm RR, mainly on M151A1C’s but they also had them mounted on mules. Just before I shipped out to Vietnam, they were always training...
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    MEP-003 Hz problem

    Yes Sir, I checked connections between A3 & S6, everything appears tight and check screws for looseness. Reference the Governor linkage; there is a correlation between the Hz needle moving with the governor linkage. Yesterday after starting Gen set, initially erratic fluctuation of needle...
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    MEP-003 Hz problem

    Thanks, I know use on codes with other vehicles, I only asked because you mentioned both Part numbers. Kind of answered my own question after reading my post. Again thanks! ran generator for an hour plus today using 120 AC plug in with different tools. Sometimes the 60 HZ NEEDLE would jerk left...
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    MEP-003 Hz problem

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    MEP-003 Hz problem

    Chris, Thank you! I just spent about 45 mins looking through the -24P dated Oct 1983 and I cannot find the Frequency Transducer, am I missing something? Don't know if that is the problem just yet, but was getting a jump start on looking for one if that is the problem. Is the transducer in...
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    MEP-003 Hz problem

    I did not check with separate meter! The engine sounded normal however as I adjusted the power control knob to bring the needle back to 60 it would sound like it was below the normal running sound!
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    MEP-003 Hz problem

    Thanks all for recommendation, I will have to get a little local help on this one, I do have an old TS-352 and don't know if that will work or not. If it turns out to be the transducer for Freq meter are they available at a human beings price? Again thanks!!
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    MEP-003 Hz problem

    So the NorthEaster comes through and I fire up the MEP-003 that has done very well through storms since 2012. Just broke 700 + hours. She was working fine set her to 60hz she takes load fine for a day then all of a sudden I start to see either Hz pegget to the high side after readjusting back...
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