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    M1088 camper conversion

    I’m installing 2 espar D6L water heaters, 1 for engine and cab and 1 for the box with a shared plate heat exchanger. The engine heater will use the existing expansion tank and the box will have its own. I did it this way for redundancy and isolation. The espar controller allows 2 heaters to work...
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    M1088 camper conversion

    Your subframe will do fine. Basically same thing. Doesn’t flex much.
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    LMTV's show me your WINCH

    Sherp stallion winch 25k
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    Which design is better for the non-rock climber as an Overlanding Vehicle, the 4x4 or 6x6? An expert weighed in

    This discussion caused me to switch to a 6x6 for my overland truck from Acela. Thomas has been very generous with his time and talent, it’s impossible to ignore it, mmm hmmm yes (as germans do).
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