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    Choctaw H140 heater, remote control and power cable adaptor (for 120V use)

    I recently acquired a Choctaw H140 heater. I am looking for the remote control and the power cable adaptor for 120V use. Does anyone know where I can find these parts? I've checked eBay. Thanks!
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    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    Thank you for your service.
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    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    Charlie175, I talked to my brother; he graduated Ranger School in 1987.
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    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    Yes. When he thought he was in for life, he wanted to be a General. And, I believe he told me that there has not been a General who was not Ranger-qualified. I may have that slightly has been a while since we talked about it. He could have said "4 star general." I can't remember...
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    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    Also, he was Ranger-qualified...not assigned to a Ranger Battalion...I have heard there is a difference...not in training...but in the fact that he was not in a Ranger unit. He did wear the Ranger tab, and he was very proud of it...even more proud than graduating second in his class at Air...
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    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    Make sure the top is slid down all the way into the side supports of the soft top assembly. It should definitely be low enough to allow the rubber rope to apply tension. When did you go to Ranger School? My brother went through in the late 80s. I can ask him which class he was in if you were...
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    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    Charlie175, is the rope I see in the pic above the rubberized rope you are talking about? That rope does not look right. You can pull some excess rope out of the sides to tighten it up some.
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    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    You can lower the windshield frame. Just hit the fasteners with some PB Blaster or similar. While it is down, you may want to change the rubber seal under the A-pillar. You should be able to find something suitable at Home Depot.
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    M275, 36, 342..

    The M275s are from the same family as the M35 (both M44 series), but they have a shorter chassis, different fuel tank, and other tractor-related differences. The M36s are somewhat rare, but they are out there. Also, the M342s are even more rare, but they, too, are out there. 11ECHO on this...
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    Adding a winch

    The most difficult part for me was getting the bolt holes to align after the winch with frame extensions was in the frame. I had a h*** of a time getting the last few bolts into the bumper. I got it done, though. :)
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    Pioneer rack mounting spot

    You don't always see pioneer tool racks on M923s/M925s, although I don't know why. I have seen them before, but it seems like they are absent (never installed) more frequently than they are present. With that said, when I have seen them, they are mounted to the top of the toolbox on the...
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    Engine Rebuild

    I was going to say the same thing. There are plenty of 6.5's out there. Nothing wrong with a good running 6.2, but I'd take a 6.5 over one. Contact TNJ Murrray in DE. John has some available.
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    Neat or other things you found when you purchased your truck

    I've had all kinds of stuff left behind: *Manuals, sometimes in pamphlet bags. *Turn in documents. *Directions to the turn in location. *BII (although never a complete set of BII), tool wraps, fire extinguishers, jacks, snatch blocks, chains, wheel chocks, etc. *Six plastic barrels of...
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    M105A3 Cover and tie down ring questions

    Jeff, I don't know sources for parts other than this list, the Internet, or eBay. While I am unsure if they have the parts, you could try Eastern Surplus in Philly or Memphis Equipment in TN.
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    M105A3 Cover and tie down ring questions

    Jeff, it was nice meeting you this past weekend. Yes, I believe those cargo tie downs are supposed to rotate, although it has been a while since I had one in my yard. PM CUCVFAN to ask him as he has my old M105A3. I have seen the rubber rope for sale. I think you may be able to retrofit the...
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