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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    I'm all charged up to win this!
  2. Bob H

    Transmission Problems

    The trans fluid will heat up as the pump circulates the fluid wil the engine idles, trans fluid expands with heat, so at ambient temps a pint low is about right. I have had vehicles with TH400 transmissions for the last 40+ years. Once I thought I broke one, but it was the torque convertor...
  3. Bob H

    25th Annual Military Vehicle Show & Swap Meet 7-30 thru 8-1, Mid-Michigan

    Things I plan on bringing to swap/sell: Aluminum deuce boarding ladder $200 NOS M35A2 air filters $45 M35A2 -10 operators manual in canvas pouch $40 6 - 1100R20 Michilen XL's on 2-1/2 ton rims $600 for all or $150 ea 1 - M135 rim with a T-hawk 900-20 on it. $100 a set of rear drums from a M135...
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    25th Annual Military Vehicle Show & Swap Meet 7-30 thru 8-1, Mid-Michigan

    25th Annual Military Vehicle Show & Swap Meet 30 July - 1 August, Clare, Michigan hosted by Great Lakes MVPA & General Jim's Surplus
  5. Bob H

    Clear Coat Over GCI 383 Green

    Heck just thin the 383 with 1/3rd Zylene. Gets pretty shiny that way. Other than that it is just an enamel, use the hardener then clear it.
  6. Bob H

    Plan to buy a 3D printer

    We will be getting into 3D printing this year. Just getting started on looking into the latest advancements. As with everything in manufacturing, selecting the right equipment for the intended results is important. Don't want to be jumping in & end up with obsolete technology a month down the...
  7. Bob H

    I work in this field

    I guess plasma cutters could be in this forum also. (while not 3d) I've done 3d design & 3d milling in building plastic injection molds, I run the CNC machining operation at work, exposed to 3d printing over a decade before it was called 3d printing, lol.
  8. Bob H

    Auto to Manual trans.

    If the trans worked 5-8 years ago when parked, it should still work now.
  9. Bob H

    M880 (?) D60 front axle

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