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    Girlfriend in the next town

    Chief of Staff Sleeper.

    CARNAC's Historical VIN INFO Thread

    If it’s not already listed in any of the previous VIN INFO threads or is not in the listings povided in this thread, you will have to do a Freedom of Information Act request (US citizenship required). I posted a threa on how to o this after the data was shut down.

    Questions / discussion about General Mechanic's Tool Kit

    Yep, all the “cased” foam kits are the modernized GMTK. My original one was in one of those red tool boxes that always pinched your fingers.

    Questions / discussion about General Mechanic's Tool Kit

    This thread is a little old but a bit of additional info. There are other NSN’s for thes kits. The two provided above we often referred to by the last 4 of the NSN and ‘kit’. Both of these kits are 1st generation of the modern GMTK. The 0249 kit was assembled by Kipper with primarily...

    Rare Gm part. Anyone read Japanese?

    Let me know if I can help. I’m leaving town on the morning of the 24th and won’t be back until the 28th.

    Need M1061A1 Data Plates

    Old thread, new problem. Anybody have a spare or blank M1061A1 plate?

    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    . Good question but not sure who would have a good answer. They were equipped with a plethora of hydraulic powered, hand held equipment. My concern about a dipper mounted hammer would be metal fatigue/vibration damage .

    Newbie trying to find vin info on my new truck

    More complicated than that. Sign up and about year 12 you’ll start to gain the knowledge. By year 15 you think you have it. Year 20 you’ll know you’re not the smartest guy in the room on any given topic but luckily, you know who is. At year 25 they change everything and you become ignorant...

    Newbie trying to find vin info on my new truck

    For a start, drop the Y4 and use AA. This goes for all army UICs. The Y4 is a Derivative UIC (DUIC). It’s a subordinate component of the main unit. Main units always end in AA. Y is probably a stay at home equipment while the unit deployed.
  10. CARNAC

    Newbie trying to find vin info on my new truck

    0322–10085 is the serial number. You should also find the same number on the frame near the drivers side between the front axle and the back hanger of the front axle. 04J-68669 is the reg number…read the first post. Contract number is for that batch of vehicles made on that contract. WXERAA...
  11. CARNAC

    Japanese Army ammo, supply, and baggage cart

    Photos from the Imperial Japanese Army 7th Infantry Division Museum and modern 4th Infantry Museum located in Asahikawa on the northern island of Hokkaido. Ole and new unit is known as Hokuchin (literal translation—Guardians of the North). They gave the Soviets a bloody nose in the last days...
  12. CARNAC

    Correct antenna m1008

    Back in my days it was mounted in the bed in a rack that occupied 1/4 or more of the bed space.
  13. CARNAC

    Correct antenna m1008

    That era was the 12 series radios. The VRC 46 and VRC 47 were vastly more common than the other models in the CUCV although other 12 series models were used.
  14. CARNAC

    Correct antenna m1008

    Is this the "radio connector" you have under the dash? If so, it isn't a radio connector. It's the STE-ICE test device connector. All CUCV' well as a lot of other mil vehicles....have them.
  15. CARNAC

    GMTK AND SGMTK where are they all?

    Still no GTMKs from me. I picked up a nearly complete and basically new Armstrong GMTK in a Pelican case and brought it over here. I got several additional empty Pelican cases back in the US just prior to coming here. All had some type of issue. One had a busted lid and I finally found...
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