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    I have joined the Goat herd

    I'm still here Joe, got a new knee this year, glasses and a hearing aid, getting old sucks!I guess I should post more pics, progress continues in spurts
  2. combat32

    Gama Goat title

    Can you share the 411 on the process? Thanks
  3. combat32

    Jack's Government Surplus

    I stopped by Jack's while in Tuscon, only meant to stop for a couple minutes to ask about Gamma Goat parts, wound up staying for couple hours, great guy, i expect to be buying some things from him in the future, those 10 ton tractors he has are awesome.
  4. combat32

    Gama Goat Transfer Case Lube Tube View

    Mine came that way, I'll put up a pic of it.
  5. combat32


    Look good, i think I'm gonna leave the tubes in mine inflated till maybe July when its good and hot, try and mount them up then.
  6. combat32

    WSUCougarx's M561 Gama Goat Acquisition and Build Thread

    The pound cake was pretty good in those.
  7. combat32

    I have joined the Goat herd

    A Merry Christmas to all goat owners!
  8. combat32

    I have joined the Goat herd

    Got the last of my decent old tires out of my pile of spares, had to patch it then mount it. Got lots of miles left in this one.
  9. combat32

    Aussie goat needs new shoes

    They might do some better but from memory it don't make a huge difference, its about the only option though unless you want to spend a go zillion dollars on custom rims.
  10. combat32

    Aussie goat needs new shoes

    Can you air them down 15 pounds or so, thats what we did in the army
  11. combat32

    Aussie goat needs new shoes

    Looks great!
  12. combat32

    I have joined the Goat herd

    Thanks, if i don't finish it before i die, wife is gonna put me in it and set it on fire, I'll go out like a viking!
  13. combat32

    Goat Parts

    Again i really appreciate your effort, i wish them luck at trying to move those at 3k each, i would probably go 1500 on a truck in similar condition, too many unknowns,
  14. combat32

    Goat Parts

    The vast majority of those trucks were transferred to Camp Gruber in eastern oklahoma to become hard targets before they were allowed to sell them. There is also a scrapyard south of Oklahoma City that bought a couple, same story, will sell whole but wont part them out.
  15. combat32

    Goat Parts

    Thanks, appreciate the effort!
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