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    jumping out of fifth gear

    Money is short everywhere now. Prices on building materials have increased 200% in the last 6 months, so I imagine other things like parts and food are also increasing. Going slow is still moving forward. Keep it up.
  2. davidb56

    jumping out of fifth gear

    Thats odd........everyone seems to be getting their Military vehicles serviced and running all of a sudden. People are posting about bug out vehicles etc...I live remote, and no TV....Am I missing something other than a large rifle primer shortage?
  3. davidb56

    Lock out hub damage - opinions

    Possibly the spindle nut and lock tab backed off allowing the axle to move outbound? You'll never know until you take a peek.
  4. davidb56

    Which military truck is the most capable? Good survival vehicle?

    JD 4020 should fit. Local farm supply.
  5. davidb56

    Which military truck is the most capable? Good survival vehicle?

    Hahahaha...your (mine too) 5mpg Deuce will run out of gas long before a 15mpg toyota will. Short wheel base, big tires, winch, and good gas milage is all you need for a bugout vehicle. But as I learned decades ago in a far away place....Be there to get there.....because traveling through...
  6. davidb56

    Custom wheels - Problem, questions, help.

    Can you get a pair of single chains on the rear outside tires?
  7. davidb56

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    W Whoa there......I read that wrong! Had to put on my reading glasses. thats a "K" hahahahaha
  8. davidb56

    MF in-tank pump for gasoline?

    prime it until the carb is full, then its primed. Carbs dont like high pressure fuel. you may force gas past the float/s and into the intake. But I guess since most trucks have a fire extinguisher, you'll be fine.
  9. davidb56

    MF in-tank pump for gasoline?

    Either I, or both of you miss read his question. He has a Gasser Truck, with a Gas engine, and wants to use a Deuce internal tank Fuel Pump to prime/run the Carburated Gas engine, instead of the mechanical Gas engine fuel pump mounted on the block, or as a booster to it.
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    MF in-tank pump for gasoline?

    He doesn't have a multi fuel engine. He has a gasoline, carb engine. "gasser motor".
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    MF in-tank pump for gasoline?

    Probably produce too high of fuel pressure for a carburetor. A fuel regulator cost more than a in line electric fuel pump for gas. Summit Racing on line had both 12 and 24vdc pumps last year for about 45$. Old carbs prefer around 3-4 psi. even the new demon carbs are under 8psi.
  12. davidb56

    M35A2 Low gear issue

    pretty sure all bearings cross reference to Japanese made ones.
  13. davidb56

    M35A2 power steering options?

    True, but one broken brake line and..........
  14. davidb56

    Major rust repair help/ideas.

    Copper plate works great for a removable backing plate too....if you can afford it.
  15. davidb56

    Just spitballing...winching out your own deuce while alone.

    Back to the original post you made....Ive pulled tons of trees and logs out of the forest and had a couple of line breaks. If what you are pulling hits a stump, you only got a split second to back off. Theres no way I'd stand next to my winch while pulling in a hazardous area, or with a very...
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