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  1. dougnash

    WTB M200A1 near Oklahoma

    Can you tell us more about your popcorn business ? Do you ship ?
  2. dougnash

    Anyone regret adding or removing muffler after a turbo?

    any pictures of your exhaust from manifold to stack?
  3. dougnash

    Picked up a M1095

    Sweet trailer May I ask where you found it ? I was serching for a while, picked up a 1082 instead
  4. dougnash

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Ran right into rush hour traffic on the Brooklyn-Queens expressway on the way back I’m sure those commuters have never seen a 5 ton next to them before lol
  5. dougnash

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Recovered my M1082 yesterday Left nice and early and missed traffic
  6. dougnash

    what cordless tool are you using to get your lug nuts off

    Hi I am curious which sockets you purchased to go with the 3/4" Milwaukee They make a 1/2" drive set but not 3/4" maybe something like this ...
  7. dougnash

    Hardtop for M939, what did you have to pay?

    Anyone have a new in crate hardtop to sell? I found a few online but they want almost $3,000 Was hoping to be closer to the 2013 prices :)
  8. dougnash

    RESCHEDULED: **Spring 2020 Rausch Creek Rally**

    Good day on the trails First time wheelin for me a bit stressful but I enjoyed it
  9. dougnash

    RESCHEDULED: **Spring 2020 Rausch Creek Rally**

    Luke and I made it a few pics from the trip down
  10. dougnash

    Put new style LED's on my M923 but...

    I purchased new military front LED signals and rear tail lights (they weren’t cheap) So currently with the light switch turned to service mode, both front and rear lights and signals work correctly. when the switch is turned again to turn the headlight s on, that’s where I am still having an...
  11. dougnash

    I just won this M1082 2013 Oshkosh

    I'm not sure yet. I live in a suburban area and I work in sales so use will be limited. I know I want to get the uprights bows and tarp so whatever I keep in the trailer could be a little protected from the weather. I could picture having a 10 or 15kw generator sitting up there, maybe a few...
  12. dougnash

    I just won this M1082 2013 Oshkosh

    I think I am just going to take the MV to retrieve it. This way I don't have to borrow anyone's stuff, which I hate doing. Will be a good trip for the MV too.
  13. dougnash

    I just won this M1082 2013 Oshkosh

    ok I just submitted the EUC, let's see how long it takes...
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