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    Any Tips On Getting HMMWV Wheels To Seal Completely

    Bead sealer has a rubbery consistency and dries. Not the same as grease, and isn't expensive....
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    Any Tips On Getting HMMWV Wheels To Seal Completely

    In the civilian world bead sealing area gets cleaned them some bead sealer is applied to the rim before tire mounted. I had moved out of Mnt by the time we got HMMWV's, so never had the pleasure!
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    looking for brake parts CUCV 1984 M1009

    If ever any questions as to part numbers look up in the -20 or -34 TM's. That will give you the GM part number and then a quick google search will get you some aftermarket or whatever part numbers. The military technical manuals are a little wonky, but spend some time in them and they'll make sense!
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    Lookkng for advice on M1009 replacement dual exhaust system

    George, Another retired NYARNG soldier here who also started out as a 63B (OMS7) when it also included power generators! Then moved on to 92Y (AGR) and eventually ended my career (retirement) in Latham in the POTO shop. Despite all that..... Would think there's a exhaust shop in the Albany...
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    wwrd: Another somewhat local option for springs is ATS which is just north of Philly (Souderton). I've used them for years, good product, very knowledge and orders were always shipped and received within a day or two!
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    Engine swap poll

    I'm not sold on the LS, though recognize gains. My 1008 has a rebuilt gen 1 SBC. Mild cam, intake, headers. Work truck..... Hei needs one hot wire, no electronics other than that! (well, does have elec choke, so that's two wires!) Very simple It's a nut and bolt restoration " work truck". Used...
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    Headlight Woes

    I also have a issue with my headlight switch.... Been restoring this truck for 2+ years now and mostly done excepting the bed! Pulled truck in prior to plow hook-up and whilst going over determined headlights not working! Turns out the new headlight switch is crap! While everything was...
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    CUCV head gasket / head/ or change engine survey

    I'm doing the same here...sell it all so it gets used and not thrown away. When my dad passed (great depression survivor and hoarder) we sold tons of stuff. Pennies on the dollar, but I felt better that stuff was going to a new home. In some cases of tools and woodworking equipment, brand new...
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    Little oil drops...

    When we used to run these over the road at high speed (when almost new) these ALWAYS leaked a little oil. And, seemed like the faster you went the more they leaked! Maintenance section used to get pretty pissed seeing the puddles! Yes, it's the main seal! Is it critical? Probably not unless you...
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    Wiring harness

    welder guy: FYI, if you check FB Mkt or craigslist there's a guy across the river from Kingston that parts CUCVs. I've gotten stuff from him in the past! Eric
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    Electrical help needed.

    Is your pic wire getting juice at the starter when you turn the key to start?
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    Electrical help needed.

    If you can decipher a Land Rover you can certainly figure a Cucv out!
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    Anyone Use Inline Tube Brake Line Kit?

    No experience with that particular kit, but plenty of experience at work with kits in general. Usually they don't fit well and you end up rebending and or fighting with them. Stainless comes in all different "flavors"! I've replaced stainless lines and stainless exhaust that didn't last as...
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    Heating System Upgrade or Auxiliary Heater?

    Probably showing my age here but..... Used to put cardboard on the floors in the deuces and five tons in the wintertime as your feet would freeze with out it! Feet direct to cold metal never worked so well! CUCV's weren't much better! (And the earlier jeeps were brutal!) M1008 now has 3m sound...
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    problems with removing front body mount on my M1008

    Assuming you're trying to remove the radiator support bushings? They use a bolt! Top is accessed by removing grill and using socket etc to hold top!
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