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    Granite State Iron Cavalry (G.S.I.C)

    Is this open to public without military vehicles. Me and the misses would love to be apart of this but on the bike. It's a beautiful area to ride. I would love to meet some of the local soldiers
  2. gator9329

    Same truck sells and then is relisted week after week

    So being on the inside do you guys get to cherry pick all the good stuff? I would have the hardest time not bringing my work home from that job. I worked a scrap yard for the summer over 10 years ago. I still have stuff around the yard from then. I swear I'm going to use it for something very...
  3. gator9329

    Who was plowing with a whistler turbo in Woburn am on 12/29/12

    Just passed a stinky whistler in woburn massachusetts plowing the roads.we were behind you and I could hear the turbo. Thought to muself who would be pushing snow other then another steel soldier.
  4. gator9329

    pressurewasher sandblaster attachment

    awsome , thanks for the update. i have to get out and sandblast a coupe of projects that i have left neglected in the yard. I will wait for your feedback before I waste my time and money screwing things up..
  5. gator9329

    pressurewasher sandblaster attachment

    I'm cool with reading about it here. Sounds like an interesting project.
  6. gator9329

    pressurewasher sandblaster attachment

    Let us know how that works out.. I'm getting ready to do it again on a trailer.
  7. gator9329

    M816 & M813 score!!

  8. gator9329

    Awesome Rust Removal for intricate parts

    I just put my grandfathers cemetary medal in the vat. It is what looks like cast iron. They must have not had bronze available during the war. He was a WW1 vet Died Durring WW2. It had been at a small cemetary for years and years . It is in pretty rough shape. I plan to restore it and protect...
  9. gator9329

    Awesome Rust Removal for intricate parts

    thanks for all those links! now i have a new hobby . looking for new things to throw in the tub. i have a set of allen wrenches and a manifold from my boat in there now.
  10. gator9329

    Devens Mass Pickup

    what did you get?
  11. gator9329

    Awesome Rust Removal for intricate parts

    i tried my battery charger and it just got confused and didn't work. i thought about hooking the charger to a battery as a buffer and then to the leads on the pieces. i just ended up using my cell phone charger. it got hot not really hot. like i said before look for bubbles right away. I think...
  12. gator9329

    Awesome Rust Removal for intricate parts

    I only stripped the insulation enough to make several wraps (about 4") around the chain. it bubbles right away like alka selzer. you will know it's working in about a minute. no bubbles no work. It may work better with the electrolytes that others have recomended but BS worked for me. maybe even...
  13. gator9329

    Awesome Rust Removal for intricate parts

    i used baking soda from the wifes fridge............. worked great for me. cheap and easy just like.. errum nevermind
  14. gator9329

    Awesome Rust Removal for intricate parts

    small world. he did a good job with it. just put my wire grill off the bbq in the tub. lets see how this works out
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