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    Need dimensions for 16x16 Military tent frame

    Top rail Actually ended up building the whole thing out of conduit. Made all of my angles out of square tubing that the conduit slides inside of. With a few cross braces and ropes pulled tight it seems to be very sturdy. There still isn't much portable about this tent but it is really nice...
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    Need dimensions for 16x16 Military tent frame

    THANKS NDT Just want to make sure I am reading this right...Please verify if possible... 1) 55 degree angle where the side wall meets the top rail 2) 45 degree angle at the top a frame 3) Wall height is 77.5" 4) The side of A frame is 82" 5) Peak height is 12'5" Just wanted to make sure. I...
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    Need dimensions for 16x16 Military tent frame

    I recently purchased a 16x16 Military tent. I have looked all over the internet and can't find the wall height, peak height, or dimensions of poles going to the top... Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to build my own frame but so far not having much luck. Thanks!!! If...
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