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    Excessive oil pressure m925a1

    Yep, I see about 30 at idle and 65 at 2100.
  2. Jbulach

    M931A1 length?

    Back of the cab to trunion would be the measurement to check. If it’s nof at least 7’ you may need to block the bed up to keep the tires out of the crossmembers during articulation.
  3. Jbulach

    M931 fuel problems

    PM sent with solenoid wiring pics
  4. Jbulach

    M929 A2 Takes Too Long to Lock-up the Torque Converter Forward, Not Reverse

    Normal for an A2. The torque converter does not lock up when taking off, what you’re experiencing is the turbo spooling. The reason you don’t feel it in reverse is because reverse is so much lower geared.
  5. Jbulach

    Rust between tandem mount and frame

    Yep, drill the rivets and do it right. If you have or have access to a mag drill and annular cutters, pull the center pin, center on the rivet, and start slow. Unless you work your truck to the max, and you have 2/3 of the material remaining after blasting it clean, seal it up, and call it good.
  6. Jbulach

    5 ton Top Speed

    I don’t know how hot, how long it takes to toast the motor, but I no longer get too concerned until around 1300 for any period of time. I can hit 1200 empty, running hard from a stop, but my truck has always run very well the way I got it, see post #3.
  7. Jbulach

    how many yards can a SEE FLU 419 move in a day?

    I would recommend a good, heavy, short two axle dump trailer with surge brakes. Most of those truck frame trailers can get quite unruly with just a little weight.
  8. Jbulach

    A little ctis advice while recovering please!

    Just unplug the cannon plug on the back of the ctis controller , that will eliminate it from the equation, but if all five lights are flashing it’s not causing your air pressure problem.
  9. Jbulach

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month September 2020

    Run-off thread? Ahhh crap, I already burned my vehicle...
  10. Jbulach

    Haspin 2020 Fall get together

    Looks like I wont make the fall meet again, always seems to get busy in a hurry this time of year. But as always, if anyone gets in a real jam let me know and I can bring a trailer or whatever to get your vehicle out of there, big or small.
  11. Jbulach

    M939A1 NHC Turbo

    Most likely Sand trails, only rated at 35psi, you wont want to run them on your truck on the road.
  12. Jbulach

    8.3 Cummins fuel adjustment

    Screw under my finger in post 13has since been molested.
  13. Jbulach

    Strange road speed-related air puffing sound

    All you need to do is drive forward until you hear the noise, stop, exit the vehicle and watch the tire go flat. The split sidewall will be between the wheel and the ground. The offending tire will most likely already be flat next time you go out to the truck though.
  14. Jbulach

    Strange road speed-related air puffing sound

    This /\ quite common, had a few tires on different vehicles do this lately.
  15. Jbulach

    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    If you need 6x6 to get up the mountain you better put a lot of that 33 ton on the fifth wheel, as well as a nicely loaded pusher on the rear of the trailer as well, just in case...
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