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    New here, hello from Texas

    Hello and welcome from Indiana
  2. kblazer87

    New member

    Hello and welcome from Indiana.
  3. kblazer87


    Hello and welcome from southeast Indiana.
  4. kblazer87

    New member in ohio

    Hello and welcome from the Hoosier state.
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    after 5 years of fighting dla.... WE WIN

    Thank you for fighting for this. Congratulations.
  6. kblazer87

    auto trailer

    Most equipment rental yards have bumper pull flat bed trailers for rent.
  7. kblazer87

    New in Nebraska

    Hello and welcome from southeast Indiana.
  8. kblazer87

    New From Florida

    Welcome from southeast Indiana.
  9. kblazer87

    New to me Deuce with matching trailer - wrenching post

    I believe they are in Williamsburg, Oh.
  10. kblazer87

    Titling HMMWV in Indiana.

    Hopefull it will work.
  11. kblazer87

    Titling HMMWV in Indiana.

    Was that from govplanet, gsa or another entity?
  12. kblazer87

    Titling HMMWV in Indiana.

    Unless they have changed procedure in the last few years, the sf97 is issued in govplanets name and they then send that and a letter of re-assignment to you as a purchaser. Some states will accept the letter, unfortunately Indiana will not.
  13. kblazer87

    Titling HMMWV in Indiana.

    Problem is Indiana does not accept re-assignment of the SF97. SF97 has to be issued in his name for it to be valid.
  14. kblazer87

    Swapping wheels to fit on a U-Haul trailer?

    Sunbelt and other tool/equipment rental yards have tandem axle equipment trailers for rent. Lots of those yards all over Massachusetts.
  15. kblazer87

    Titling HMMWV in Indiana.

    Just a word of warning, if the sf97 is not issued in your name, Indiana won't accept it. They won't accept the re-assignment letter from govplanet to you. I had this issue with my first 5 ton from govplanet.
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