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    Optimizer Engine

    I wonder if any P400s are going to be surplus sold with red tags..or if they are scrapped? I know they won't bore and upsized so it might be worth it to buy a junker and sleeve it..
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    Optimizer Engine

    Cast aluminum can be welded..cuts like hardwood with carbide tooling, if you don't mind the glitter bomb. I suppose the additional capacity is for cooling since the engine has piston cooling jets.
  3. Keith_J

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Wiper motor draws 8 amperes at max speed. Funny as the blower draws 15 amperes. If draw is more than 8 amperes, there is either an alignment issue or the motor has thrown a winding.
  4. Keith_J

    Runaway Starter M1009!

    Check the starter. When you issue the start command, several things happen. A 12 volt signal is given to a relay, locally known as the Doghead relay or its modification. This converts the 12 volt signal into a 24 volt one. This signal energizes a solenoid on the actual starter to throw...
  5. Keith_J

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    The capacitors are radio frequency noise filters to shunt high frequency to ground. They should have no DC resistance and only react to 10 kHz and above. But if the dielectric breaks down, they could bleed DC to ground. Simple DC resistance to ground with wiper motor off to verify. There...
  6. Keith_J

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Slow wipers are usually a sign of mechanism alignment or the motor brushes going out. Check motor amperage, should be under 10 amperes. If too high, check alignment. If much lower, brushes are going out. If you don't have a DC clamp meter, measure voltage at the motor with engine running...
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    Pump shut down after battery short

    Turning up the maximum fuel is something that should only be done if you have an exhaust gas temperature gauge. The plungers rarely get stuck to where it limits fuel. Smoke is not a good indication of maximum fuel, by the time you get smoke, you could be well over 1200 °F.
  8. Keith_J

    LMC Truck Head light circuit mod questions

    H4 LED conversion was why I went with Rampage H4 housings. They came with H4s so it was under $80.. They are so good I have not looked for the best H4 LEDs. They offer excellent low beam illumination for off road with no dark spots on high beam. I guess I should take pictures.
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    Lack of power at speed.

    Indirect injection diesel is already very clean once the engine is at operation temperature. Diesels run a different thermodynamic cycle, on the P-V diagram, heat addition is a constant pressure process, any bang is due to short injection window at idle. At maximum fuel, the injection window...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Tach installed and working. For switched power tap, I used the PTO governor power lead as it is close, switched and fused. The alternator signal is off the glow plug module, brown wire, terminal A. Then I finally installed the heater core valve controller, a DPDT switch with end point...
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    Lack of power at speed.

    The most restrictive portion of the stock exhaust system are the crimp bent head pipes. Here, the peak velo city is highest, bends severe and high inner pipe roughness. Replicating these in mandrel bent stainless is your best bet. Remember, this engine spins at 3600 rpm..not even 400 standard...
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    M1031 conversion to M1028

    New, larger tires on 8.5 inch wide replica rims cured my death wobble. I had a failed belt on Commercial TAs so that was an issue too. Cannot say enough about having 12 kW of power after our Valentine's Day blizzard and 96 hour power outage. Needed the 4 wheel drive 90% of the time.
  13. Keith_J

    CUCV Transmission issue

    I made the calibration tool..still have it somewhere in my empire of dirt. The original valve on my 1031 was completely shot, late shifts as vacuum to the transmission was nothing. Even improperly adjusted, the new valve was much better.
  14. Keith_J

    M1009 has no power now that it's warmer in AZ?

    Could be a worn engine, easy enough to compression test both cold and warm.
  15. Keith_J

    M1009 has no power now that it's warmer in AZ?

    The dynamic timing is advanced by transfer pressure acting on a piston. It is retarded by preset spring force and the action of the face cam through the lever on the passenger side of the pump. What could be happening is the fit of the piston in the bore has worn out, causing excessive bypass...
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