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    Bad Bill for Title Military Surplus Off Road Moves to Virginia Senate

    When I moved to Va back in 1992 you could walk into the DMV with a hand written BOS for an MV and come out with a title. That all changed after 9/11 . After that,, they only do title for title so all those old MVs sitting on some farmer's land w/ no titles are just a source of spares for...
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    Sd. Kfz 247 ausf B dimensions or blueprints

    To the OP. I wonder if you'd have better luck posting your question over on the HMVF? If not, at least you might make contact with the owners of the few 247 replicas that are running around the show circuit in Europe/UK. Just a thought...
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    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Now that's an MV guy right there! I guess I'm going to have to paint my house in MERDC then..... Matt
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    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Ok so far I've slogged through 35 pages in this thread but haven't found what I'm looking for (I know, it's in the next 35 pages:roll:). I've noticed that a couple of members here have painted their MVs up in the MERDC pattern but didn't give the breakdown as to S/W,H-D,S-W or Lowes paint...
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    FMC M548 Registry?

    I have one (in Va). It supposedly came from N.C. Matt
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    Sd. Kfz 247 ausf B dimensions or blueprints

    I knew a guy in Ohio who back in the 1980's built a full size sdkfz222 armored car. He got his dimensions for the build from a 1/35th scale model. That may be an avenue for you. Always like the 247A six wheeler myself 8-). Good luck with your project...
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    Sd. Kfz 247 ausf B dimensions or blueprints

    I've seen a couple of those (replicas) running around. It's one of the easier vehicles to replicate as it has a conventional drive train layout (motor & tranny up front-not rear mounted like in most armored cars) and is/was made from flat plates, no concave curves to replicate...
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    Ferret parts in the US

    Pat Egan of Khaki Corps Imports they're in Tulsa Ok. If you own (or are going to own) a British MV you'll be dealing with them at some point. Good guy to deal with. Has all (or most of?) the ferret manuals you'll need as well as a lot of the smaller stuff. If &...
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    M548 tracks

    I may be wrong here (frequently am :doh:) but doesn't the M548 use the same track(shoes), road wheels and sprockets as the M113APC? Matt
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    M114 price

    I had an M59 about 20 years ago and they are BIG. They do make the world's coolest yard barn though 8). Mine was pretty much a stripped hull with the M13 machine cupola on it. Managed to find a complete set of NOS tracks for it, so parts are out there...
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    M8 E2 Cargo Tractor tracked, First post

    The Vis-Mod T72s used in the original "Red dawn" movie were built on M8 HST chassis like that one (I suppose). Always had a "thing" for HSTs ever since the early 1990s when I first became aware of them. Thanks for posting...
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    Bad Bill for Title Military Surplus Off Road Moves to Virginia Senate

    Unless there was a change made to the law, you are restricted to 125 miles of on road travel a year*. So yeah, your MV should last you a very long time. For those of us that like to drive our MVs a little more than that, this is a problem. * proof of where the MV is garaged has to be kept with...
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    Bad Bill for Title Military Surplus Off Road Moves to Virginia Senate

    Well, as I understand it from here on out, you can only get the "HMV" tags with all their limited on road driving restrictions for your MV....... Matt
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    Alvis-Saracen FV603

    A guy down by me sold one of those a few years back that was in similar condition (side lined for a mech reason, sat for years & claimed it ran). I think he got around the 20k (or higher :shock:) mark for it which I thought was a little on the high side considering. So 16.2 is probably a fair...
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    Bad Bill for Title Military Surplus Off Road Moves to Virginia Senate

    I think if your MV was already tagged & titled when the law went into effect then you're good to go. It's anyone attempting to register/title one from here on out who's going to take it in the shorts...
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