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    Hello from New York

    Registration depends on your use. If going to be a private and personal use truck, I recommend the historical plates. Thats how I have my 923a2 registered. If your making money with the truck, then its another story. Surprisingly there are no mileage restrictions for historical plates. NYS...
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    Spring 2021 Rausch Creek Rally

    Hey Everybody, I know its early but we have set a date for the for the bi-annual Rausch Creek Rally! We will be having the rally Friday May 14th, 15th and 16th at Rausch Creek Off Road Park. Rausch Creek Offroad Park 453 Molleystown Rd Pine Grove,PA 17963 I spoke with Rausch Creek and we are...
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    Seeking input on dump bed project

    Both trucks are the same besides frame length. If your going to do the dump bed install your self, I would keep the 925 and go from there. Its much easier to shorten a frame than it is to lengthen one. You just have to slide the tandem forward. Plus you already have the truck. Or a 931...
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    pyrometer probe location

    This is where I have it on my truck and on countless other motors. Keep it to a max of 1200F sustained and you will be good to go! I suggest using a 1/8" NPT probe.
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    That works on the highway, I was referring back to OP about more ways to slow down going down a hill while off roading. Sometimes I wish I have a lower gear than 1st to help with going down hills. Sometimes you need to literally crawl down a hill at 1 to 2 mph
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    Fall 2020 Rausch Creek Rally

    It was a great weekend! Thanks for all who attended! I will post pictures later on.
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    8.3 Cummins fuel adjustment

    Power is very noticeable and its too much fuel for a heavily loaded truck. I have 4 threads showing on the end of the rod and she will get hot when heavy.
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    Fall 2020 Rausch Creek Rally

    Rally is less than a week away! Weather looks great on Saturday and Sunday! I will be there Friday afternoon. Looks like 9 to 10 trucks right now. Any questions, let me know!
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    Hello from New York

    Im in the middle of LI, on the Nassau Suffolk Boarder. We are heading to Rausch Creek, which is in Pine Grove PA. Its a a few hour drive for us. Maybe you can join us in the Spring and test out your new deuce!
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    5 ton Top Speed

    There is no real normal, just an operating range. A normal depends on the truck, mainly pump settings and load on the truck. My 923a2 always ran strong and would hit 1200 pre turbo with some weight on it. My 931a2, was a slug and you couldnt get it above 1000F no matter what, but it was lower...
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    Hello from New York

    Welcome to the club from a fellow NYer. Where in NY are you? There are many trucks for sale right now. Depending on your mechanical ability, I wouldnt put it past a private sale to get a good deal on a truck. I know a few guys locally on LI and we are heading to PA for an off roading trip...
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    Fall 2020 Rausch Creek Rally

    No updates in that area. We've never had anyone come from that far. Furthest we have come is Pittsburgh or CT
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    Fall 2020 Rausch Creek Rally

    Looks to be 7 to 8 trucks right now. Still have a couple of maybes as well
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    5 ton Top Speed

    With 53s you can cruise at 65 and push it faster if you wish. I wouldnt want to hug the rear of another truck to save a tiny bit of fuel. The brakes are good on these trucks, but stopping distance on a m939 is not a high-light of the truck. You will notice a power loss with 53s. I love...
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    Caiman 6x6 MRAP chassis from Zion Illinois to Riverhead New York

    I cant help ya with delivery, but always cool to see more people on LI in the hobby. Good luck with shipping!
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