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    Greater Houston-area Events

    Alright... let's get this thread going again. Put Saturday May 8th on the calendar! What: Texas Deuce Days 2021 Car Show When: Saturday, May 8, 2021 - Gate opens at 11am (Set-up for the car show is from 9am-11am) Where: 2920 RoadHouse; 21835 FM 2920; Hockley, TX 77447 Other Info: A full...
  2. m715mike

    Uses for Deuces

    Thank you! And good question, Ahab. I don’t know. I elected to have chocolate chip waffles for desert and never made it by the actual dessert station. After that meal, I needed a 2.5 ton truck to get home!
  3. m715mike

    Door Weatherstripping & Channel Kit For M35 Series Doors Wanted

    Hey Mark! I don’t know about weatherstripping, but last year I got some channels from White Owl. You may give them a shout. George there is a great guy and very helpful.
  4. m715mike

    M725 in Denton TX

    That’s a great looking truck. Congrats!
  5. m715mike

    Uses for Deuces

    Use #687 - Deuce on display My Deuce was on display at the Honor Cafe in Conroe, Texas today. It is a great veteran-owned restaurant and the Easter Sunday buffet was amazing.
  6. m715mike

    TX Duel Compartment Air Tank

    One tank sold... I have a few more that need a new home.
  7. m715mike

    Help for a new m936 owner please...

    Are the solenoids the same across the M809, M939, M939A1, and M939A2 trucks, or do any of these trucks use different solenoids?
  8. m715mike

    Options/Opinions on Equipment Type Trailer to Pull Behind a Deuce.

    @aghumvee, I count 9 trailers in your first picture above. May I recommend a good 12 step program? @M37M35, I believe that @TAMU86 has a M1061A1 for sale just north of Houston if you want to go that route.
  9. m715mike

    No Texas Rally this March (2021), but...

    Everything is set for y’all to arrive at the museum Saturday morning between 8:30am and 9am. TJ - What route are you taking? Since I can’t make it, I’ll be home in Montgomery off Hwy 105 if you need anything. Feel free to give me a shout if needed (either going to the rally or when you are...
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    Using a pallet jack to install/remove super singles

    I have one of these at the shop. I can grab a picture if anyone is interested.
  11. m715mike

    Hi from Arizona

    Hi from just north of Houston, although Arizona was home when I was young. Welcome to the site! When you get a moment, please post pictures of your new-to-you truck!
  12. m715mike

    M116A3 Trailer/Camping Project

    Great looking rig. Your build thread will be fun to watch. Welcome to SS and thank you for your service!
  13. m715mike

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I’m fortunate to have a set of @peashooter’s flex lines on my truck. That was money well spent!
  14. m715mike

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    @Tracer, I figured there was something that got your attention and prompted the project. I had leaking wheel cylinders on my front and middle axels and have gone through both of those axels. This Spring, I’m going to do the rear for precautionary measures. Not that you need it, but I wish you...
  15. m715mike

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Hi Tracer. What were you doing to your breaks? Just adjusting break shoes or did you have another issue?
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