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    M1010 DUVAC Removal Plan "B"

    I believe we've all used this alternator in this thread: Leece Neville (110-555JHO) 12v 160A 1 wire self exciting alternator. And here is a diagram for wiring:
  2. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    Here are the brackets I used. I did do a little customization for the inner front brackets and drilled holes for the inner rear mounts where the originals bolted to the seat belts... Next time I'll have to let you know, maybe I...
  3. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner
  4. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    Hit the road and had great weekend with great people! Staying just outside Tuscarora State Forest, we had more food, adult beverages than needed and burned a lot of wood! Had great conversations and laughs! Mother Nature tried to dampen spirits but she was unsuccessful!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🥓🥓🥃🥃 #M1010 #cucv
  5. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    I like them a lot! Side bolsters hold you in place nicely and the flatter bottom is easy to get in and out of which is nice with a lift. They've softened a little but aren't mushy like the originals. Monday's ride home was 3 1/2 hours of both back roads and some highway and I have no complaint's...
  6. Mad Texan

    Belt tighten sequence

    This is the tool for the power steering, it slips on the power steering bracket.
  7. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    I've done a few nights here and there since going to MAOF. I was hoping to make the Steel Soldier Rausch Creek event last weekend but ran out of time. I'm planning on being in central PA this coming weekend for 3-4 days and do some down time...
  8. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    Decided on a communication method for the truck. Purchased the @midlandusa #mxt575 because it fits neatly in small places and is high powered. We’ll have to see if a external speaker is necessary. New antenna cable came in to replace the magnetic mount. That’s as high as I can get and probably...
  9. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    Took a little trip last week logging about 350 miles. My first stop at @abcbrewco in Mechanicsburg, PA on my way to @overlandfestival . Appropriately the gps took me over back roads to event. Parked in a large field and ready to relax! Already meet some great people. A great event put on by...
  10. Mad Texan

    Roof Sealants/Coatings

    I used Henry 887 Tropi-cool silicon roof coating on my M1010. I got two coats out of the gallon. Available at Home Depot
  11. Mad Texan

    454 swap

    Here are the differences in the mounts and mounting bolt locations... I had purchased the 2292 mounts and they matched what came out of my truck. YMMV Big Block vs, Small Block mounts
  12. Mad Texan

    What should my speed be with overdrive?!?!?

    Not sure your tach is reading properly at higher rpms... what tach are you running? This is from grimm jeepers. Left is stock (TH400, 4.56, 235/85/16) and right would be with GV engaged ( .78 )... Comparing your rpms at different speeds (35 vs 45) the calculator shows similar rpms, but yours...
  13. Mad Texan

    Questions about house batteries - M1083A0 with a 17ft Winnebago on the back

    I built a LifePo4 battery for mine. 8 cells 24v 280Ah 100a BMS 3 - 330watt panels (one is deployable) And a Sterling DC-DC charger if needed 24v 35a I have a 5000btu window rattler in place of the original box AC With good sun I was still seeing 8-11 amp charging with the AC on off the three...
  14. Mad Texan

    M1009 Battery Disconnect Switch??

    It's a stock photo off the web not my truck. Additionally, with the key removed on the one it would double for theft security.
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