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    What's the deal with importing American-made armor?

    Take it apart. I believe you can import pieces just not the vehicle as a whole (I am not an import expert so do you own diligence).
  2. mkcoen

    The real cost of armor?

    A very large bank account
  3. mkcoen

    I get the flu on Wednesday

    Small Emplacement Excavator - also known as a FLU419
  4. mkcoen

    Mount Gama

    I believe fuzzytoaster has a couple for sale.
  5. mkcoen

    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    Sorry, somehow double posted.
  6. mkcoen

    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    I'm not trying to be argumentative but my 1970 M35A2 required minimal maintenance to stay roadworthy and reliable. My 1998 LMTV took constant maintenance and wasn't reliable for more than 50 miles without something ELSE going wrong with it. It wasn't that it was in poor condition to begin with...
  7. mkcoen

    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    This is one of the reasons I sold my M1078. I spent 30 minutes trying to get out of line for a parade because one of the rear brake canisters blew a seal and kept dumping the air and locking the brakes up. That was after the fan clutch exploded on me going down I-10 at 55mph 150 miles from...
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    WTB M916A1/M916A2 Freightliner

    Throw them an offer. Worst they can do is say "no."
  9. mkcoen


    Seth actually put a lot into that truck besides the interior of the box. I think the biggest issue is how much folks are willing to drop into it. A LMTV is like a boat, a hole in the water you pour money into. I think the majority of the people who have the finances to really make one of...
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    AN/TPQ-36 FireFinder (Modified M116A1) Trailer

    Put an aluminum frame on it to hold a Roof Top Tent and make an Overlanding trailer out of it. Lots of nooks and crannies to hold all of your camping gear including that big hole in the middle for the cooler.
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    Rearranged a Toyota today with my M1078!

    So are you saying you don't currently have insurance on the truck?
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    Wow we have a Wildfire right when my Truck is Coming!

    Just got word from my brother that his RV survived. They had some damage at the dam and lost 2 Gator ATVs and a van plus some cracked windows in the Admin building but nothing to hinder operations at the dam. Bridgeport is apparently out of power due to a switch line being taken down in town...
  13. mkcoen

    Wow we have a Wildfire right when my Truck is Coming!

    My brother works at the dam in Bridgeport (well he's employed there but they haven't been allowed in since March). He lives out of a 5th wheel parked close by in an RV park and travels home to Pullman on weekends. He mentioned there was a fire close by but I hadn't gotten any details or...
  14. mkcoen

    Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle AMPV

    Didn't the Bradley already replace the M113 back in the '80s?
  15. mkcoen

    Won a MKT90 today on GSA!!! What %#$& do I do with it?

    As has been mentioned you got a deal on the new stuff. That extra griddle is worth $100 easy and something you'll probably appreciate the most.
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