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    M35A2 Fab. Shop?

    Spare engines aren't too hard to find. Or even non-running part trucks.
  2. montaillou

    cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

    Just me, but I don't think of my deuce in monetary terms. If I did, I wouldn't own one.
  3. montaillou

    MRAP wheel re-painting

    Well, if you strip off all the old paint, you could always anodize them. I don't have MRAP wheels, went a different direction. But, unless you're doing the paint yourself, anodize would be the next cheapest method of applying a coating of some sort (it's much cheaper than powder coating).
  4. montaillou

    New deuce owner seeking advice

    Regroove tires take the bald tire and cuts deeper grooves into it. Retread takes a bald tire and adds rubber creating a new tread surface. Now, if you prefer to not have either of those, that's fine, but they are completely different processes and I'm not even splitting phone books here. All...
  5. montaillou

    New deuce owner seeking advice

    I would like to point out that regrooved tires are not the same as recapped or retread, and that section specifically only mentions regrooved. In my talks with tire salespeople I don't believe they can be impartial since their job is to sell me tires. This article states that retreads are ok...
  6. montaillou

    Seat options for a Deuce?

    I want to delete all but the driver's seat, but it bothers me a little not having any option for a possible passenger. I think I'm gonna go with It's just under 9" when the seat is up, 18" wide and just over 21" when the...
  7. montaillou

    DIY custom wheels??

    I have researched wheels extensively. What are you trying to accomplish? I should note, my research was for wheels made by commercial manufacturers. I'll be blunt and say home made wheels are something you do for enemies. If you're talking about commercially available wheels, your biggest...
  8. montaillou

    New deuce owner seeking advice

    The prohibition on retreads on the steers only applies to busses. See the link in my previous post. I know some tire places that won't put retreads on the steer wheels, but that's their policy not the law. I'm sure other places will mount them. I am almost certainly using retreads for my...
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    New deuce owner seeking advice

    I don't like how they have a relatively small strip of rubber running down the center that is all smooth. It wasn't a big deal when it was dry, but driving on the highway with them in the rain they felt squirrelly. My thought is they were designed primarily for off-road driving where the tire...
  10. montaillou

    My Little Black Truck (Deuce ****)

    Don't take this the wrong way, but do you have OCD?
  11. montaillou

    M35 dogbone bushing options

    You can also find them on Erik's Military and Surplus. Erik's also carry a heavy duty option, and if you buy a few of them send an e-mail and ask for a volume discount.
  12. montaillou

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    There is no "done", there is only a pause until the next.
  13. montaillou

    Custom wheels - Problem, questions, help.

    But that's just a guess. I'm gonna have the tires professionally mounted and balanced, they can always put a lead weight on after they attached the valve stem.
  14. montaillou

    Custom wheels - Problem, questions, help.

    Coming along. The hole is for the valve stem. There will be another on the opposite side, so it won't affect the balance.
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