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    CNC Mill

    Wow, I got on the website to look for information regarding GP small tents and found something else I needed. Since I’ve seen this, I’ve got a couple questions since any shops that are “local” to me are either not reliable, or won’t consider work that isn’t under a large contract. 1) Is anyone...
  2. Mos68x

    M109 no longer an Emergency

    Have they made it home safely? I just returned from a 5k road trip up to the chicago area, first time I saw the email. Apologies for being late to the party.
  3. Mos68x

    So who has bumped the power on a 6CTA cummins

    Outside of the things you’ve already addressed, such as filters, the thing that made the biggest difference was when I had my injectors overhauled. I had tried the cleaners but they weren’t able to get them clean for some reason. Maybe because of the JP8 we had to use in the Army?? Either way it...
  4. Mos68x

    Arizona members!

    Well I live here in Seligman, unlike most people it seams, so if you ever need anything just hollar
  5. Mos68x

    Cummins 6CTA8.3 Injection Timing

    300-375psi is what the cummins book says, if you think it’s incorrect blame them, I’m just citing the book lol edit; but I think that is to allow even the slightest opening in the valves to show up
  6. Mos68x

    Cummins 6CTA8.3 Injection Timing

    I’m actually going to bump mine up 2* and see what it does. Im still contemplating using my water pump from Snow performance to build the 300 psi needed for the spill port timing.
  7. Mos68x

    Cummins 6CTA8.3 Injection Timing

    Been a couple years since the meat of this thread was written. Anyone have updates on timing changes and corresponding EGT/MPG values? I still haven’t done this myself yet, but with the new replacement IP I’m getting about 7.1mpg and around 1050egt flat and level at 55mph. Still gutless on a...
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    M939A2 wheel studs?

    I’m going to order some studs (RH & LH) from this place by this weekend, I’ll let y’all know if it is legit. Also going to order some extra nuts (RH & LH) as well From NAPA
  9. Mos68x

    M939A2 wheel studs? few other places as well
  10. Mos68x

    M939A2 wheel studs?

    I found some for $20/10 pack, only eBay and the military vendors are the ones over pricing that shyte, the rest of the ones I found were around $2-3 a stud. i had about an estimated 5.8 tons in the back. I tried binding the back axle up (rear axle studs snapped) but every time I pulled a link...
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    Hub Studs Sheared Off - Wrecker - Texas

    Agreed, I will once I get this wheel fixed. I suppose it’s possible that they are over torqued, but I’m guessing that wheel got loose somehow.
  12. Mos68x

    Hub Studs Sheared Off - Wrecker - Texas

    I thought that was the budd lugnut? If that’s for the A1/A2 then my apologies
  13. Mos68x

    Hub Studs Sheared Off - Wrecker - Texas

    No worries, I got the PN for the studs from Wes thankfully, I’m just trying to get the PN for the lugnuts now and my Dropbox is fighting with me. Haven’t been able to load the TMs to find the NSN so I can start working out mfr PNs for them
  14. Mos68x

    M939A2 wheel studs?

    So far I’m not having any luck finding anything that will work, not even the 54/809 budd stuff. Everyone has moved to hub-centric setups and no one has locally sold the budd stuff in a long time.
  15. Mos68x

    M939A2 wheel studs?

    Thanks Wes, I’ll see if I have any local stuff for the 809 to get the truck back home at least.
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