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    B-1 Maintenance Stand Manuals

    B-1 Maintenance Stand Manuals
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    M35a2 speedometer runs backward ??

    Hopefully someone is not still having a problem with this one but if any one else has the the same issue check the assembly to ensure that it is properly assembled. I had this same issue in the early 80's and after trying 2 more new adapters from PLL which had the same issue I took one apart and...
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    M1070 dual gauge installation question

    I added it to the TM upload section.
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    Not exactly a M880...

    The Army had 76 & 77 model years and not crew cabs. As I remember try looking at the other branches of the military, Air Force or Coast Guard.
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    Rear brakes locked up on my 931a2 while driving in traffic.

    Try checking your right front glad hand cover it should have a small hole in it or the type with a vent valve. If your cover has the vent valve ensure that it is clean and functioning as intended. Only the right front requires this vent function.
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    M1070 dual gauge installation question

    I have a copy of the installation instructions in pdf but can not figure how to upload to the web site. It seems to be missing from all the TM 20-2.
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    Have any of y'all used these LED tail lights????

    If you are looking for the ones that look as the Military light due, check The current one the military get work on 10 to 30 volts. The first ones were either 12 or 24 volts so check which one you find.
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    Mack wreckers

    The Australian's had them in service in 2004, used them for Iraq.
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