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    mite battery option what do you think

    The specs on most Lithium batteries don’t tolerate over 130F+ temps; would not use under the hood of a mite. A combination of Group 51 & 51R batteries fit well; many AGM choices. AGM won’t corrode battery tray and underside of the hood.
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    Heating problem

    Is this a fresh engine rebuild ? How are you measuring the temps ? If cylinder PSI/leakdowns are good, clean oil cooler fins, and no corroded holes inside the intake manifold...... perhaps a vacuum leak on one of the upper/middle valve cover ‘hollow’ bolts; either for the distributor or...
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    Removing m422 king pin question

    Good luck. I've done 4, all with the arms off of the frame. Was able to get two out with 2.5 lb sledge. Air hammer was useless. The other two needed to be partly drilled thru first. Run a tap deeply to clean the treads in the lower swivel pin. Then a strong G8 bolt and slap hammer can...
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    help on m422 shocks

    monroe shock #s I used Monroe's. These numbers are similar to the Mite shock specs in the Mite Tech Manuals. I have installed, but not driven yet, expect they may be a bit stiffer. Fronts -- 5753 (10.375" - 16.750") -- Sensa-Trac - mid 50's Mercurys Rear -- 555003 (9.625 - 14.75) - Gas...
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    M422A1 -- slow rebuild progress

    The Mite motor is all stock rebuild with NOS parts and powder coated pieces. Got carried away with the valve covers & alternator. Now have a set of repro plug wires to install . What's on there now are STITT all-weather leads. Cylinder jugs were stripped and replated with Nikasil...
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    M422A1 -- slow rebuild progress

    Starting to turn the corner -- A few pics from an in-progress rebuild. Frame, suspension & engine done. The diffs are gutted & blasted, awaiting some new bearings, seals and a yoke. Body restoration will be the challenge. Even the regional metalcraft expert not eager to tackle the two...
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