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    MAN KAT US owners?

    Thats why the Fire Dept allows cops to hang around. You've heard of the canary in the coalmine? The cop at the hazmat incident.
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    Fuel storage and fuel transfer

    NG is an interuptable fuel source. ONLY if the genset has fuel stored on site, is it classified as a backup/emergency genset. That means diesel or LP.
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    Who sell carb rebuild kits

    The threads on the 2AO16 all seem to have died years ago. Any substitution for the foam float found? Found this deadend on the foam float replacement.
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    I just won this M1082 2013 Oshkosh

    83% of the time you won't loose playing russian roulette. But Darwin is a betch and the other 17% of the time is really would suck.
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    Wood soldiers? WWII Barracks ID

    Ft McCoy post museum is a nicely restored company area with a large vehicle park.
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    I just won this M1082 2013 Oshkosh

    Sure, right until it's NOT "I've never hit an iceberg yet" Cpt Edward Smith - Apr 13, 1912
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    Just purchased an MTVR...

    Paying attention to the GWVR is a pretty dang smart thing to do. #1 killer of Vol FF in vehicle wrecks is rolling tankers. The best DOD surplus chassis ever available for a rural FD, was the M916A3 that were put out a few years ago. Near new/low miles with huge load rating. We have a HEMMT...
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    Just purchased an MTVR...

    PURCHASED? Your FD can get DOD surplus at no cost thru your state forester. Neb has one of the most active such programs in the country.
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    M1101 tongue modification and height adjustable

    You're TOWING at 85mph? ANY trailer? A mil surplus offroad trailer? wow. just wow.
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    oA little ferret story

    Whew - I was afraid I was going to see a bunch of sissy puke blue paint. Nice looking vehicle.
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    20 ft shipping container and M1078

    The boxes are ONLY "strong" vertical load. Designed to be stacked with strong corner posts to support many above. Fill in the area between the corners with tinfoil.
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    Hmmwv is so unique. But I wonder why a few things

    Right you are. See the German solution - the Weasel
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    Hmmwv is so unique. But I wonder why a few things

    I spent time as the S-3Air for an 9ID CAB-H Inf Bn (HMMWV), AS-3 of an Air Assault Bn, Co Cdr of an Air Asslt AT Co (HMMWV). NEVER did the idea of sticking a HMMWV inside a CH47 arise. Certainly no ones doctrine. I don't think could be done. Certainly not practical. Sling load, tandem...
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    Hmmwv is so unique. But I wonder why a few things

    Old thread that popped up when searching "463L" I was in 9ID Mtz in spring 86. Still the "Experimental Test Bed" and was receiving the 1st big batches of M966/M998. None had grill guard (or spare tires). Not a problem at Yakina but we were tearing the heck out of those huge expensive hoods...
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