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    Bonjour et welcome from Montreal, Canada.
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    Spotted in Montreal, Canada

    Hi Third, I don't think the trucks base color was tan. As I drove by, the base color looked very dark grey with green and (maybe) black dots covering the whole truck. I live about 20 miles from Montreal so when I go back into town I will keep my eyes open and try to snap a picture if I see it...
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    Spotted in Montreal, Canada

    Yesterday (Jan. 31st) While driving to Home Depot, I spotted on a side street in Montreal, a parked Steward & Stevenson M 1079 4X4 van truck with what appeared to be a dot style camo paint job. Unfortunately I was not in the position to stop and snap a picture or see if there was a license...
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    Cheaper fuel pump for MEP-003 found!

    Those pumps look a lot like the electrical fuel pump we had in our Iltis Jeeps in the `80`s , `90`s and early 2000`s.
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    Personal heater for m35a2

    Hi Kelly, thanks for looking at my message to all members. Are you familiar with these heaters? They are great, and put out massive amounts of heat for those cold Maine winters. To further our conversation, please PM me. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the group!
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    December 6, 1917, The Halifax Explosion

    My grandfather lived across the harbour in Dartmouth when it happened. Blew out all the windows in the house.
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    Canadian 5/4's hanging out

    Hi Scott, sorry I don`t have any door number for you to use. They were very specific for each vehicle in the unit. If my memory is correct they were used to designate placement in convoys and ID`ing each truck and crew.
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    Canadian 5/4's hanging out

    Greetings! I drove a 5/4 for many years in an MRT format out of St. Hubert`s 51 Svc Bn. Would be nice to find one and restore.
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    Canadian member here

    Greetings from south of Montreal, Quebec!
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    Personal heater for m35a2

    If any one is looking for serious heat for in your trucks, i have for sale a Eberspacher V7S diesel fired air heater. These are used to heat full length trailers in Europe so heating a crew cab deuce would be a piece of cake...
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    What do YOU want to know about G-742 history?

    Put me down for a copy please. I worked on the Canadian version my entire career, from the day they arrived in our lines to the day I retired in 2011 and still see them on occasion at my government job. Now heading off to the scrapper, not a fit ending for a 36+ year life.
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    Push button headlight switch?

    I have a 3 arm original for sale in the classifieds if interested.
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    I once had a MTU 383 engine out of a Leopard 1 run away on me. It had been in storage for years and I was tasked to do an evaluation if it was repairable. The fuel system was bone dry and had to fill it up and bleed it. After numerous attempts it started to buck, trying to start. Finally it...
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