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    Why Doesn't My M35A2 Horn Work ?

    I haven't experienced a stuck open with the deuce horn solenoid. I had one that stuck closed. Tends to be a buildup of dirt or corrosion over the decades. I have seen solenoid valves in industrial machines with the problem you seem to have. The main thing I've experienced in all old trucks is...
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    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    The ultra exterior flat paint has a full cure time of 4 weeks. Possibly longer depending on humidity and temperature. Dry and full strength aren't the same thing with latex.
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    Fuel leak on MEP 803a

    With rubber fuel lines, if I have a leak and don't know the age of the other lines, they all get changed. They're not far behind usually.
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    MEP-803a. Diesel sub-tank.

    If you transport drums to fill them, you need to be equipped for handling ~ 380 lb objects. Most fuel suppliers don't like filling drums from their delivery trucks. None of them around my area, at any rate. At least, diesel in drums is not usually considered hazmat.
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    Detroit 6v53 in an M35A2

    The debate was between a B-Model or a Super-Liner. It's just doesn't fit under a B hood. Not even a B81. A Super-Liner could hide it with some cheating here and there and look stock. Last I knew, they were aiming toward a B cab rat-rod style.
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    Detroit 6v53 in an M35A2

    My sister and her significant other own a trucking and heavy haul business. I get roped into these adventures from time to time when I visit them. That engine came from a 400KW genset. Any detroit is a noisy beast. 16 cylinders is a whole new level of noise with no pipes on it.
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    Detroit 6v53 in an M35A2

    4-53T Is far less likely to break the stock drive line. Lighter and probably fairly easy to fit also. How about a 16V-71 going into a Mack frame?
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    MEP-803A won't start

    Chlorinated brake cleaner, xylene, naptha, sometimes straight seafoam. Nothing that's safe for you or the engine can dissolve hard carbon. Light petroleum solvents attack the gunk that is holding the particles together. Sometimes mechanical means are the only thing that works.
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    M35 water temp sending unit

    Welcome aboard!!! MS24537-1 that is. Erik's Surplus is a good source for that. The commercial world won't have anything with the Packard connector. The ohm range it uses is fairly alien to commercial gauges.
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    MEP-8xx series fuel pump

    The nearest WIX filter is WF10058 or NAPA 600058. It's the same sort of inline screen. The only difference is that the inlet side is 1/4-18 (NPT). The outlet is 1/8-27 (NPT).
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    MEP-8xx series fuel pump

    FYI, the Spectra Premium SP1187 is a 24V pump very similar to the E8135.
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    PU-406/M searching for info and parts.

    Diesels in general don't heat up unless they have good load on them or the cooling system is really bad. They like to work. 2 cycle Detroit's are one of the most efficient ways available to turn diesel fuel into noise. They always sound like they're running twice as fast as they really are...
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    New Guy Upstate NY

    Welcome from Vestal and welcome to the green iron disease.
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    What's the best 24 volt 100 amp relay and source to use to make a dumb HMMWV PCB

    Not necessarily needed for simple switch operation. Anything in the 1N4003-1N4007 range. I tend to only buy 1N4007 myself. If you're protecting more sensitive electronics, then a schottky diode is a better choice. SB5100 for example. I always tend toward overkill specs when the parts are cheap...
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    What's the best 24 volt 100 amp relay and source to use to make a dumb HMMWV PCB

    I've been using these continuous duty solenoids for various things.
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