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Recent content by Potluckslammy

  1. Potluckslammy

    Found a source for Dot 5 brake fluid

    Great price! I was in need recently, and thought I had searched everywhere...missed this one. Bought four cases from Rock Auto; 12oz bottles, $4.87 ea., 6 per case. Total was $148.36 including shipping and tax for 2.25 gallons. Ya win some, and ya lose some! 😅
  2. Potluckslammy

    CAT 3116 Inj. Rack Tool Set to Loan?

    Reading up on adjusting the valves. Lots of info also relating to adjusting the rack. Noticed at least two forum members mention having the tool set. Wondering if anyone with the set would consider loaning it out? Postage paid both ways, of course!
  3. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    Unfortunately broke my drill bit on the second rivet. Not being careful...SNAP! I'll get back to it and post more pics soon as I replace that bit.
  4. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    Took a look at the situation today on both a steel hood, and a fiberglass. The steel will be easy-peasy...just drill out the old rivet, pop on a new one. And luckily most of the washers are in much better shape than I remembered: All except for the bottom washers on the side panels, some of...
  5. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    Agreed! My 99 has a fiberglass hood, and it's ok. Weighs about the same as the steel hood. Unfortunately, somebody busted off the corner hold-down...and tried to fix it with Bondo! So have some glass repair to look forward to... 😏 Last I checked a N.O.S. fiberglass is about $800! So I'm...
  6. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    That's a good point. Pretty sure rattle can is good up to 200. I've used it for touching up automotive applications that get at least that hot. Have some tractor/implement paint in CAT yellow I'm going to use to touch up the valve cover...and the camo green I used on the thermostat housing...
  7. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    That's a good question, glad you asked! Well...I used some flex seal on a pair of insulated pack boots one time to waterproof. Worked ok, except it cracked pretty soon in the creases and folds where the fabric flexed. But I figure the insulation blanket doesn't flex, so it should be ok...
  8. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    Yes! Excellent info! Looks like that's JC Sales, which comes up as a parts supplier in other search hits. Much better price, and best of all they list the measurements I was looking for: Tubular Component Diam.: 3/16 Grip Range: 7/8 to 1-1/16 Head Diameter: 3/8 Material: All Steel L1 Rivet...
  9. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    Yes, only available in packs of 10, so far as I can tell. Guess I need to stop being lazy, and just get to cutting! 😅
  10. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    Anybody know the dimensions for this little gem? All the black coating has cracked and blow off the insulation blanket, which I would like to take off and recoat. And there is rust-through beginning to show on the split steel hood, which will need repair. I have the part number for the rivet...
  11. Potluckslammy

    Importance of regular fuel filter maintenance

    Good point about the fuel. In my case only one place in town to buy diesel. Have only filled the tank once before after running out the fuel that came in it. Indeed, that is likely a large part of the problem, keeping the tank partially full. Did take note of how the purge valve could be...
  12. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 Parking Brake Stuck/Frozen - Will not lift to engage

    Having the same issue with one of mine, so I'll be keeping an eye here to discover your solution. Have liberally douched it several times with good penetrating oil...handle kind of wiggles, but won't engage. Was wondering if maybe there was a lock on it that I just couldn't figure out...
  13. Potluckslammy

    My solution for replacing coolant hoses

    Flushed the coolant system on my first A3 last year. Looked like muddy river water coming out! Hoses needed replacing, but I balked at the prices for new rubber. Gave me pause to consider options! Shopping around on the interwebs I discovered silicone hoses could be had for less, and should...
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