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    Messy oil change

    Thanx everyone. I got the barb to hose to pan on floor thing, Mostly I was looking for a way to get oil filter off without spilling so much oil. Real mess. This last drain (a few days ago) I tried an old trick. I punched a hole in the top (as seen from outside of enclosure) of filter then...
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    Messy oil change

    So what's the secret. I have changed the oil in my MEP-803 several times and changing the oil filter is very messy. I tried just spinning it off, I've tried popping a hole in the top and bottom of the end of filter to drain it but I always end up with a large spill in the enclosure. I don't...
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    Love em or not, here’s my MEP-1040 thread.

    Where you at? I'm close to Vidalia. I have a load bank that loads my MEP-803 to 97%. Personally I like the 1040s. Then again I work on two generators that output 920MWs each.
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