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    FLU419 frame wanted

    It’s mine, let’s make a deal!
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    FLU Transmission

  3. Speedwoble

    SEE/FLU419 accessories

    Today I 3D printed a bracket to go on the light switch to give me space for 3 switches for auxiliary lights. I currently have 2 rotating beacons and 2 floodlights. I need to study the wiring diagram to figure out where to pull power from, either tapped off the regular light switch, or a relay...
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    SEE/FLU419 accessories

    No update in a while. I printed some cab gaskets and sent them to a member to try. I'm now with some extra time on my hands due to Covid, so I thought I would get back to this. However currently I am locked out of access to the 3D printer that makes them, so I can't print my own to try! I do...
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    Flu 419 problems. Clutch starter switch and boom not holding position.

    Backhoe has a lot more in common with the 580E. If you look in the FLU parts manual, it lists the CASE part number which can be cross referenced by your case dealer. Hydraulic cylinders generally cannot compress due to an internal leak without an external leak. The reason is the fluid from the...
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    FLU419 repair 4*4 locker switch

    Thanks for the great details! Always nice to have a reminder that one can repair instead of replace!
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    My point was that you may be able to do a temporary fix, but I recommend not, if you can avoid it. A temporary fix all to often becomes permanent and fails unexpectedly, while leaving the brakes in-op is pretty clear. My first 2 had water in the brake system and it pitted the first master...
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    You don’t have to run a replacement line exactly where the original ran. Run it from where you can reach to where you can reach. I am a huge fan of copper nickel line as it is so flexible and easy to run. I once used a couple of compression fittings and a grease gun hose to splice the failed...
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    I am sorry to hear that you have had such a go of it getting your truck operational. It is frustrating to have problems, even more frustrating when someone else caused them by incompetence or lack of patience, and most frustrating when they were caused by my own incompetence or lack of...
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    Loud bangs while operating backhoe

    I have used online services like to get printed, bound PDF’s shipped to my door for less than I can print for. In the case of the FLU, I had to split the service manuals into half each to fit the page requirement for binding. It is nice to have a paper copy in the garage and an...
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    FLU-419 Tire Opinions - 14.5R20?

    Not to pick on you, but to pick on you.... You’ve mentioned many times that your SEE’s rarely leave your property. Mine rarely drives more than 30 minutes at a time at 50mph. But I would rather trust my 6000lb rated surplus radials.
  12. Speedwoble

    FLU-419 Tire Opinions - 14.5R20?

    I plan to mount the XMCL’s on the minesweeper (drum brake) rims as I like the width. Rubbing occurs on the road when making hard turns.
  13. Speedwoble

    FLU-419 Tire Opinions - 14.5R20?

    Like you, I didn’t like the low weight rating of the stock 12.5R20, and I wanted a larger footprint for better flotation. I’m running 365/80R20 surplus Michelins now, which are the same as 14.5R20’s. I am running them on surplus minesweeper wheels which are similar to the drum brake rims. I had...
  14. Speedwoble

    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    I had a similar issue on Mog #2 and cleaned up the ID and OD of old dry grease and rust. Worked like new!
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