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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    my 928 also leaks a ton as well out the top. Highly annoying lol.
  2. srodocker

    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    Fuzzy must give details on that paint/color you used. behr special?
  3. srodocker

    Simp's M915A1 Build Thread

    Thats pulling some weight!
  4. srodocker

    Just purchased an MTVR...

  5. srodocker

    Uses for Deuces

    I've always had a warm spot in my heart for the m109s
  6. srodocker

    Uses for Deuces

    Ive always wanted to turn a moving trailer into a toy hauler setup. Still may one day.
  7. srodocker

    12v windshield washer bottle install

    Dang thats really simply. Saw some kits online for under 20$ which is sweet. Just may have to do that.
  8. srodocker

    12v windshield washer bottle install

    Something I would have never thought of converting. Now I have googled a kit. Do you just hit the red button and squirt?
  9. srodocker

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    Man. One day i'll have jakes on my m928. Love the write up!
  10. srodocker

    Oregon members?

    No MV is required just the enjoyment of the hobby! But we do like numbers in trucks hahahahhaa.
  11. srodocker

    Oregon members?

    Thursday July 16th through monday the 20th. Can camp on the property! Link to the SS post in my signature or can check us out on FB
  12. srodocker

    Oregon members?

    Excited for you all oregon guys to maybe convoy up for the PNW Campout convoy
  13. srodocker

    Tatra MTVR Prototype M923A1 - Tatra 815 Frankenstein

    That is awesome!
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