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    Will a M274 fit into a M101A2 or A3 trailer and will the tailgate close???

    I know this thread is a little old but I was able to get one in the back of mine with a little modification. I used a piece of plywood and mounted a couple of wooden extended wheel wells so the mule tires could go over the factory ones and not slip off and then raised the front of the trailer...
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    White 160 AX Engine Specifications

    Ok I will also give those sites a try as well.
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    White 160 AX Engine Specifications

    Does anyone have the specs for the 160 AX engine like the Bore size, rod and main diameters on the crank as well as torque specs for the head bolts rod and main bearing caps ? I am refurbishing an engine for a friend and need these to find out what I will need to order for parts. I have done a...
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    9.00 X16 tires

    UM this thread is 8 YEARS Old
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    Hello! Would love help identifying these bucket seats.

    Late model 44 45 dodge WC 51,52,62,63 3/4 ton
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    Water Pump

    Memphis Equipment $95.00
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    Early Wheels

    Just for the fun of it I put a set of the Later MLVW wheels and tires on my M135 to see what they looked like and how they rode.
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    WSUCougarx's M561 Gama Goat Acquisition and Build Thread

    As far as I know those cushions were only used on the Ambulance units.
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    Is it hard to cross border in an old HMMWV from USA to Canada and back?

    I have been across the Border out here in the west with many different of my Military vehicles and many different crossings without any issues at all even Alaska. The only few times someone has been pulled into secondary in our group was for the older vehicles with the Radium in the gauges of...
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    My 1953 M37.

    From the few items I spotted in the pictures it is a Canadian Model truck with the T249 251CI engine in it.
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    Dodge WC 51 - chassis number

    Try joining the( Canadian Dodge 3/4 APT-WP ) group on Facebook as there is a lot of info there
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    Also on Ebay right now
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    M37 door seal question

    3 around the side window, 3 around the door unless newer weather stripping as they give you 1 long piece to go around the door and one at the bottom of the doorway that attache's to the cab.
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    Movie Star

    the fronts are pretty new but the mid and rear are around 25%
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