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    TIM Module is not present or malfunctioned

    Welcome to the wonderful world known as Cat ECM's. One minute they work, next they don't....
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    Would you pull 5 ton with this setup??

    I pulled a m920 with a m1009 once. Only had to move it about 1/4 mile, and we had someone in the m920 and an air compressor so he had brakes. We passed a state trooper, surprisingly he didn't do anything. The m920 pushed the m1009 all over the place, I would have been better off putting the...
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    How to repair small holes (three) in the Vinyl (Canvas) on a MK23?

    I am sure any vinyl glue would work. Maybe check amazon for a pool patch repair kit, then cut a piece off the junk tarp as a patch. If you don't want to cut the junk tarp I can probably round up a tarp to cut some pieces off of and mail you a few pieces.
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    Wanted: TIM for Mk23 Oshkosh 7ton

    Manuals for these trucks do not exist in civilian hands, so best of luck with that. Will it fire on ether? That doesn't mean much if it does, as it can fire on ether even if the ECM is bad/not functioning. I am not cat mechanic, but any mechanic familiar with the C12 should be able to plug up...
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    Doors and Windshield Source

    I have a cat mechanic that has flashed a few ECM's for me. I need to figure out the computer program and see if I can do it myself. It's not cheap to get him to do it.
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    Doors and Windshield Source

    I need to get my MK30 flashed to 505hp. It runs and tows great stock but the reflash makes a huge difference.
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    MK29-30 dump bed setup wanted

    You may be referring to me, although not sure I am knowledgeable or friendly :-D, but I never removed the bed off my MK23. I did end up buying a MK30 (still need to fix all the issues with it, but it dumps!) a couple hours away and sold my mk23 locally as well. To the OP:. If you could get a...
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    Doors and Windshield Source

    I have a set of doors I would sell. But I doubt you would consider the price reasonable. From what I have heard (from the guy I bought the doors from), back when the trucks were up armored he SCRAPPED containers full of doors.... I don't think there will be any availability of doors. As...
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    Won my dream truck, need dimensions of reducible portions

    Lol. I bought that truck hoping it ran but figuring it wouldn't. I pulled the cab and pulled the motor/trans out of it. It's a parts truck now.
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    Wanted: TIM for Mk23 Oshkosh 7ton

    Someone needs to figure out how to bypass this thing.
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    Won my dream truck, need dimensions of reducible portions

    I had to pull the oil pan off mine and remove the rob bolts, hammer the pistons up so I could get the transmission unbolted from the engine. #1 piston wouldn't move, I ended up drilling a hole in the transmission adapter to get the last 4-5 bolts out of the flex plate. If it's stuck that bad...
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    Won my dream truck, need dimensions of reducible portions

    Par for the course. Kind of think that someone is running a water hose and filling engines with water, whether it be at the GP lot or before they get to GP. One I bought had nothing in the turbo or intake, but the motor had easily 20 gallons of water in it. It was cheap so I can't complain...
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    Highway mode drive wheel?

    They are 'AWD' like the FMTV trucks. 30/70 split front/rear unless you lock it in which makes it 50/50. So no, you can't drive with any piece of the puzzle missing unless you 'lock' it in as you found out, which does limit the speed.
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    Official 2022 Denton Military rally thread, April 23rd-24th

    Definitely. I don't have any CUCV parts, but what I listed here is probably 1/10th of what I am bringing haha.
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    Won my dream truck, need dimensions of reducible portions

    I've called Oshkosh before (twice). I'll just say I am glad I don't need the dimensions. One guy was VERY helpful (was trying to figure out which relay/fuse powered the alternator) but vague (some seemingly simple things he couldn't tell me for security reasons). The lady I talked to on the...
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