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    Poor mans wheel alignment

    I was an E-2, C-2 guy (same motors) but we used to det down to JAX every 2 months. Spent a lot of time there, nice place.:-D
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    Possible Deuce Dump Sighted

    How about "Economically Challenged"?
  3. TenTires

    Poor mans wheel alignment

    Hey, I just call it like I see it. Even looks like they made you your own icon.....hvann :arrow: :drool:
  4. TenTires

    Poor mans wheel alignment

    I think this was pretty smart! Im sure this was ALL this Andy guy's idea because you dont strike me as the type to come up with something this ingenious.:wink:
  5. TenTires

    Any Savage Yards / 5 TON parts

    Im going to J Winslow's tomorrow. I can check if you want. What is a savage yard btw?:-D
  6. TenTires

    Parting out an M353 3-1/2 ton generator trailer

  7. TenTires

    Poor mans wheel alignment

    :ditto::grd: ......And by the way, Andy made me hold the stupid end all the time. Hhhmmm?........ The only problem I had with this entire procedure is that Andy now thinks I owe him a pay check and medical benefits. Van.... Sounds like this "Andy" character is a real jerk! Man, good help is...
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    M35A2 Instument Panel L.E.D Lighting

    Nice work! Can you still use the panel bright and panel dim functions on your light controller or are they simply "on" or "off"?
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    Bobbed deuce mpg

    Did you really just ask this question? If youve got the $$$ to buy a bobbed deuce or to make one, is worrying about fuel costs really a prerogative? (If it is, get up with your local repair shop or jiffy lube and score some free waste motor oil, do a search on here about how to use it, and run...
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    New USMC Motorcycle.

    Looks too gay to be marines. Must be Air Force!:-D:-D:-D
  11. TenTires

    Added a few upgrades to M35A2C

    (Unrelated, sorry) but thats the cleanest engine Ive seen in a while!
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    Insurance for deuce

    Gulfway insurance. They work for some folks but from what I gather, Im not the only one. They are friendly and gave me a decent quote but I noticed something fishy in one of their forms and when I questioned them about it they gave me what I thought was a BS answer so I called them on it and...
  13. TenTires

    using my 818 and trailer

    7-10 Tons! Good lord man, what exactly are you carrying around that approaches 20,000 pounds!
  14. TenTires

    Insurance for deuce

    :funny: How true! All I have to say is STAY AWAY FROM GULFWAY!!!:-D
  15. TenTires

    Purchased CD full of TMs

    I got that CD too. Best $6 Ive spent so far on this project.
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