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    Replacing Starter Solenoid on FLU419

    I don't remember now, but did the starter work if you "screwdriver started" it?
  2. The FLU farm

    Replacing Starter Solenoid on FLU419

    Are you indeed getting good voltage to the solenoid? I really don't like replacing any parts, no matter how easy it may be, if they don't need to be replaced. Okay, I'm lazy.
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    Where to find a dozer blade?

    I doubt that anything high flow would run well off the rear hydraulics. My low flow snow blower runs okay, though.
  4. The FLU farm

    my flu419 will not move in any gear

    There are a few things where I've read "You must do this or that". For the most part, so far I've successfully just done it, without doing "this or that" first. Not sure the air cylinder is one of them, since I've never worked on one, but it does sound doable.
  5. The FLU farm

    my flu419 will not move in any gear

    No reason to rush these things, right? Jeez, I thought I could procrastinate with the best of them, but you have me beat. Badly. Besides, why tilt the cab to check the air shift stuff? (I'm also lazy, so I tend to do things the easiest way, as long as the result is still the right way).
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    Help me diagnose my fuel issue

    Everything is relative. If you're sitting somewhere along the side of the road with gelled fuel, using 911 sure beats walking. If the fuel isn't gelled, there's all kinds of other additives that will clean, lube, etc.
  7. The FLU farm

    Help me diagnose my fuel issue

    I used an electric fuel pump as a trouble shooting tool, for a while, on the parts SEE. But a 12 Volt that I had. Not that I remember why, but you shouldn't use the 911 unless it is an emergency (gelled fuel). If it's still in the tank, you may want to drain the tank again. Unless that only...
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    I haven't locked mine out in a long time, since I feel that touchy loads are better moved with the suspension working. At least on less than flat ground. But as I recall, push the clutch in and pull (or push?) the yellow button behind the passenger seat. What I don't remember is if you have to...
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    New with a couple questions,

    Is there fluid in the rear hydraulic tank?
  10. The FLU farm

    What's best way to use the SEE to unload a 40' shipping container

    If you need extra lifting, don't forget that a pair of Hi-Lift jacks can be used in the corner pockets. I've never tried lifting the end of a container with the backhoe, so I don't know how well that works. But I'll be moving two containers here pretty soon, and the HMMH's forklift is out of...
  11. The FLU farm

    M1007 - CUCV Suburban Clone Build Thread

    While I understand your quest for perfect timing, aren't there too many potential variables? Let's say that the balancer's markings aren't right on, for example. I would adjust for best performance, then take a reading for future reference, not worrying about what the number is.
  12. The FLU farm

    Wtb fully restored cucv

    I think it's fairly easy to tell if a vehicle has been touched/restored or not. On the other hand, not sure it matters, depending on what it will be used for. A museum would likely care.
  13. The FLU farm

    Wtb fully restored cucv

    I'd think that the cost to ship a restored one should be identical to shipping one that never needed restoration. Or am I missing something?
  14. The FLU farm

    FLU419 Likes and Dislikes

    You should hear air rushing in when loosening the fuel cap (after running the engine for a while) if it is plugged.
  15. The FLU farm

    Wtb fully restored cucv

    What would be wrong with a low mileage one that never needed to be restored?
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