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    MN Spin On Oil Filter Kits M35A2-$200

    Still have some in stock
  2. tie6044

    1962 IH 5 Ton M139

    Don't you need a permit just to drive them down the road (legally)?
  3. tie6044

    MN Rebuilt Injection Pump M35A2-$1200

    Rebuilt injection pump for M35A2 multifuel LDT-465. I got this a while back and never used it. Rebuilt by Ambec. I believe this is the "G" pump with no FDC to worry about leaking or bypass. $1200 shipped to any lower 48 states. Located in Blaine MN. Message, call or text Scott 763-234-0942
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    MN Spin On Oil Filter Kits M35A2-$200

    I had another batch of spin on oil filter kits made so I have some available for sale. Fits any brand of multifuel motor in 2 1/2 tons or the LDS in the 5 tons. They come complete with filters, all you need is the oil. Easy to swap and saves wear and tear on your motor at each start up by...
  5. tie6044

    Sprag unit

    If you're going to go through the work of removing and replacing you really should just get an air shift and only do it one time. Just my 2¢ worth
  6. tie6044

    HMMWV Export Pictures

    I would have never guessed they would fit in a container! I could have parked mine like that for years and crawled out the back!
  7. tie6044

    Personal heater for m35a2

    Are the valves open? First place to start if your not getting heat.
  8. tie6044

    Duals with flipped hubs

    If you're going to run duals flip the hubs back around. I'm sure you'll be way over legal width otherwise and yes it looks goofy the 9.00's singled out. I guess decide what tire you want to run and flip the hubs accordingly. I've got a deuce with 46's with the hubs flipped out and another on...
  9. tie6044

    Duals with flipped hubs

    You can do it but it is harder on the bearings, puts more stress on them. But I'm guessing if your not worried about width you probably aren't driving on the road much if at all.
  10. tie6044

    77' Jeep M35A2 leaking hubs in the front.

    The boots will keep the grease in but that looks more like a liquid=gear oil so yes you need to replace the oil seal in the housing. When the boots get cracked or torn you will usually see chunks of grease coming out.
  11. tie6044

    Spin on oil filter kit

    There is very little mess since all the oil stays in the filters.
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