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    What to look for when purchasing a fully restored 1969 M35A2

    Hummm. 'not sure how to answer as there are several. You can find these on ebay fairly often. The key is getting the instructions that show how to place them. I couldn't, so I looked up photos until I could eye-ball their placement, and used a weapon to help get the dimensions right - or...
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    What to look for when purchasing a fully restored 1969 M35A2

    I have an 88 model. It only had 6025 miles when I bought it, and all the records checked out. It is Air Force so there's a couple of things like a front pintle, a hard top (not necessarily AF), and an exhaust flapper . . . typical AF. The front end was adjusted like a bus. It sat in the...
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    M35A2 Door hinge Screws

    There are three types for these hinges. If one has West Coast mirrors, the actual hinge pin is a long, smooth-shank pin with 1/4 28 machine bolt threads about 1/2" long at the end that replaces the 'pin'. There are four pan head Phillips Cross screws that attach the hinge to the body and four...
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    Best way to wire up a RAK15 ration heater?

    Thanks. Your advice makes sense. I have a number of electrical engineers in my neighborhood that might be able to help me.
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    M105a2 Air hoses ID?

    My air lines are marked to cross over . . . on the trailer it has the sources marked 'service' and 'emergency', and on my M35A2C they are reversed, i.e., on differenct sides, 'emergency' and 'service'. Now can someone tell me where to purchase the air hoses to replace one? I've checked with...
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    Best way to wire up a RAK15 ration heater?

    "Dangerous Electrician" here, I need for someone to tell me just what to do to connect my RAK15 to my M35-Duce and a Half. Of course this is a 24 volt system. I have a correct harness (eBay), I just need to know how to hook up to power. I'm dangerous because none of the statements below...
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    RAPCO Spray Can paint issues

    I have found the wearing qualities to be fair to good. I stripped and completely repainted my M35A2C and my M105A2C and used RAPCO paint for it. I used as standard auto type primer first and then did 2 coats with current tan. I have to touch up dings and some deep scratches sometimes, but...
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    RAPCO Spray Can paint issues

    I've been using Mark's paint for years with very few problems. I take a couple of cans with me on the road to rallies, etc., and they work great for last minute touch ups. I do the same thing that others do when they put the nozzles in thinner - but I use Xylene - and I put some on the top of...
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    Brake Bleeding Unnecessary on Deuce?

    I would agree with 4 Star General. The only thing that makes this system 'sketchy' is a lack of PMCS (his last point), and, by the way, the M35A2 is almost 15,000 lbs. (empty) of very unforgiving steel. I once had a brake light pressure switch fail and start leaking about 3 miles from home...
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