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    New to me WC63

    But I would have to pay to do that.
  2. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Unfortunately, due to Covid, the college and prison are a no go.
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    Questions about best route to escape Oregon right before Thanksgiving:

    Sisiyou pass can be very treacherous in the winter. I would watch the weather forecast and time my departure for when there is no snow storm forecast. I-84, through the gorge, can be a nightmare in the winter time, Snow, high winds, freezing rain, and ice. If vbthere is no bad weather forecast...
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    My M3 Halftrack

  5. Wolfen

    Oregon on-road title for clean GP clean SF-97/titled?

    I had to wait months for the registration and title for the 2015 3500 SILVERADO that I bought in Montanna. The Oregon DMV, is extremely slow.
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    New to me WC63

    If wishes were fishes, we would all be fishermen.
  7. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    That is true, but only during good weather since I can't get help to install the canvas.
  8. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    I understand Ahab. I will never judge people who can not contribute. If things don't change, I will have to consider putting it up for sale next year. My pockets, are not that deep. *I can not afford to send it off to a shop to complete the restoration.
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    New to me WC63

    I am only one man. Finding help. is a big problem. If I can't find help. I will have to sell it. I just spent over $300.00 getting the fluids changed and the brakes adjusted. It would be in thousands to get the canvas installed, plus the minor body work and the paint. My pockets are not deep. If...
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    New to me WC63

    Took my WC63 to a Automotive Shop. Had the brakes adjusted. Now they work great. Took it out for a drive today. Ran great. Unfortunateltly. the fuel gauge is a problem. It keeps reading full. So I will have to investigate this. I still need to put the canvas on it.. I will probaly have to pay to...
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    PNW Info Thread!

    I would appreciate some wrench turners in Woodburn OR also. My Wc63 needs some wiring done, the speedometer looked at at. As well as the canvas installed and a few minor body parts. Lunch and liquid refreshments would be provided. I do have a fridge and a microwave. All work would be performed...
  12. Wolfen

    B-29 "Doc" Awarded New Airworthiness Certificate

    Well escuse me for posting. Another Ahab, was not aware of those post, so I decided to help him out. Since you don't like me helping out fellow members, I will no longer comment on other peoples post. I hope this makes you happy.
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