1984 M1008 finally arrives


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Finally got my M1008 from an auction i won in early Nov. After the auction, fees, and shipping, it cost me an arm and a leg, but seems worth it. Paint is in excellent shape, no dings dents or major scratches besides a torn off side view mirror. The interior is in excellent condition, with the exception of the dash pad (pretty bad shape). Charged the batteries, and it runs/shifts perfectly, but does have a bad Gen 1.

The odometer reads 16,700, and it seems to be actual mileage. The fuel filter has writing on it that says it was changed out sept 1998, at 15,800 miles, so this thing sat somewhere for a while. The seat is not worn at all, and the doors shut perfectly, so i am hoping the mileage is accurate. The underside has alot of surface rust, needs new fender liners, they are rusted through, but there is only one spot of rust on the actual body panels, about 2" around, on the rear drivers side near the bumper. I am getting the whole underside of the truck Baking Soda blasted for $150 bucks, has anyone had this done before?

Anyway, my real reason for this post is that I have a set of HMMWV 37" tires with 95% tread and beadlocks in my garage, but i am out of funds. I have read all the threads about how difficult it is to put these things on, and that i need a 6" lift, should i just put some 33's on it and call it a day? Seems like it would cost at least 6 or $700 to get the lift kit, put it on, and then get regular 16.5" rims, might just be alot easier to not bother with it? As always any input is greatly appreciated.



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Can't really tell but the tires on it appear to be in good condition. I would leave things as is for now and wait til you recover from the purchase:-D

Maybe the wheels you need will magically appear in the meantime:roll:


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Check the date codes on your current tires. If it's been sitting a while, those tires may not be any good for highway use. Might help you with your decision. If they are in good shape and only a few years old, I'd keep them.
Mine had tires in excellent shape but were from the 90's. I replaced them rather than being on the 6 o'clock news.
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